Oppa Gangnam Style? Op-Pa-leaseeeee Go Away!

~ Posted on Friday, November 23, 2012 at 7:36 AM ~

I have no idea when or how this Oppa Gangnam craze started but just to be frank, we are not yet affected by this craze.

Sure, 1 month ago a nephew of ours was playing the song on his iPad and busy memorising and singing along to the chorus of the song. I just tuned out of the song before I requested our nephew to please not play this song as I do not want Benjamin and Alyson to be affected by it. Nope, nephew continues singing along.

I then pulled my boy away somewhere else and tried my best to distract him from sitting next to his cousin brother. It works and I'm glad.

Again, apart from that brief moment of listening to our nephew singing along to the chorus (the Oppa Gangnam style line), we are still pure from this hahaha...

I also skipped and scrolled away when I see friends posting about the latest Gangnam video clips on Facebook. Not interested at all. Really.

Hubby said that the music video is not suitable for children to be watching. I don't know, I have never watch it at all. I just want to say 'Op-Pa-leaseeeeeeee go away!'

What do you think of this craze?

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Cheng Wei Chiew

Already infected my girl (4 yrs old) and son (21 months). They will start dancing and sing along when they hear this song

miki chua

yup one day hubby on.. and that's it~~
i don't like but if that's the thing can make them happy... i'll go with it.. haha


When I first heard it, I remember asking myself "what is wrong with the world, mom-ah?". I've seen the video and it really is not suitable for kids. Whenever Tri hears the song, he'd stop whatever he's doing and just dance along... sheeeeeesh.. hehe Laughing he looks happy though. Smile

lisa lo

I don't get it.  I try to avoid it. I canot even pronounce it.

lisa brown

Yes, some of the dance moves and distasteful in this video, so I don't watch the video. The song itself is very well done and catchy, which is why it is so popular.

Cynful Pleasure

hahha.. My girl got bitten already..

Joey Mah

YES! give me 5! Oppa stay away from my kids!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Wow! Good to know you guys are not happy with this Oppa thing too hahahaha...

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