December to Remember Giveaway - Golden Records Holiday CD

~ Posted on Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 1:01 PM ~

This is the final month of the year!!!

So let's make December a month to remember!

For today, I'm giving away a Physical CD copy for 2 US winners and 1 download link to the album for non-US winner!

That means 3 lucky people will get to win this awesome CD!


The giveaway will be open for entries from Dec 2nd until Dec 15th.

This giveaway is sponsored by:

Golden Records

To enter the giveaway, kindly read and follow the instructions as stated in the Rafflecopter form below.

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Good Luck!

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Christina Keeble

Christina Keeble says:

This looks like a FABULOUS Christmas music collection. It would be perfect to listen to while decorating the tree to put you in the festive mood!

Christina Keeble

Christina Keeble says:

I love holidays because ................................ I love spending the time with my family!


I love holidays because it's a time for family, I love the colors of the Christmas lights, love seeing the kids faces light up, doing something for others and not expecting anything in return.

Kathryn Merkel

I love holidays because of the time spent with family, laughing & making memories.


I love holidays because that's when family members get to sit down and gather and have some good times together!
And a great relaxing time from WORKS!

Ann Fantom

I love the holidays because I see my family members who live out out of state.

wendy schueman

It brings my whole family together, Thats what matters most to me!

Linda White

I love the holidays because it is a change of pace! A sense of excitement and busyness. Music is in the air and sounds and smells abound!


I love holidays because of the quality family time.

Julie Thompson

I love the holidays because I am able to bring smiles to so many people faces with my friends and family and neighbors I give them great big plates of cookies and candy and then my friends and I like to be anonymous with our gifts that we give to others we just wrap them and they just mysteriously get them kind of like a secret santa kind of thing but it is all about the kids and bringing a smile to their face...Right? Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Holidays!

Brooke B.

I love holidays because my children light up with joy and have so much fun with the holidays!

Marianne Sandling

I love the holidays because it's when our family comes together, putting differences aside, and just enjoying eachother.

Geoff K

They're the perfect reason to focus on friends and family and reflect on everything good in your life!

Stephanie Larison

Stephanie Larison says:

It brings my whole family together.

Rusu Alexandru

I like Christmas Lights and Christmas Tree!

prince n princess mum

I love holidays because they are the best days in life...

ann beck

Love the holidays because family time

Ng Pei Fung

I love holidays because holidays are meant for friends and family!

Ed Nemmers

I love the holidays because family and friends gather more frequently.


I love the holidays because I love to decorate the home with my family and spend time watching movies.


I love the holidays because it is all about family.

Saver Sara

I love the HOlidays because I get to spend extra time with my family

Carolyn Daley

I love the holidays because I get to spend more time with my loved ones and enjoy delicious homemade sweets like snickerdoodle cookies!

Laurie Emerson

I love holidays because it makes me feel like a kid again seeing everything in awe and excitement,

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Winners selected and emailed! Get back to me in 48 hours else I will have to pick a new winner to replace you! Congrats and thanks to the rest for entering! Thanks to Little Golden Records for sponsoring!

US winners:
Entry #76Wendy B.
Entry #221Stephanie L.

Non-US winner:
Entry #323Ng P.

Ng Pei Fung

Thank you!

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