2012 Christmas Gifts

~ Posted on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 7:44 AM ~

I have previously blogged about our yummy Christmas gifts to hubby's business clients which showcased gifts we DIY and baked and customised since 2008 to 2010. Last year we made this awesome Christmas ribbon trees and honestly I thought that was the pinnacle of the Christmas gift ideas... because I was really stuck trying to think what to make for this year's Christmas gifts.

Except for last year's Christmas ribbon trees which I got the idea from the Internet and modified myself, the rest of the gifts ideas are pretty much from hubby's idea. So this year I had some idea on making this cute little house with bars of chocolates and yummy treats and stuff but other than that my mind was blank.

At the last minute, hubby (who was already super busy since late November) had to help in and cracked his brain. And the results are here! Ta-daaaa..!!

* Pictures shown below are just some of the gifts as I didn't managed to snap all the gifts in one shot whooopsss....

What do you think?

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I saw this in your FB!! NICE gift! I'm sure your hubby's clients will all smiling when receive this!  It's so personalise!


Wow! Beautiful. I'd like to receive one like that too. Much better than those hampers you get from the shops.


I like this. Reminds me of the candy house in the jungle!
Maybe next time you can set a question in giveaways collecting ideas of Christmas gifts?  Hehehe


This is so lovely.  Really good idea!


Love the idea! Great job Smile

Chrystal D

They are all so cute! I love the trees ones!

Samantha D

How lovely! I would definitely be a happy client if I received one of these, surely they were pleased with them and the thought that went into them. Happy New Year!

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