Is It The End of The World Yet?

~ Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 7:34 AM ~

Wow, I can just imagine myself hearing children asking their parents 'Are we there yet?' every few seconds but instead, I hear 'Is it the end of the world yet?' Kidding, kidding...

Oh well... as a Christian, I believe when it's time, it's time. No false prophets. No predictions. No warnings.

Logically thinking, if the Earth is really going to be hit by a giant ball of fire or asteroid or planets aligning or whatever the rumors being thrown around now, we would be able to see it in space long before it is 21st December 2012.

In any case, I'm just going to spend and cherish my time with my children and my family. Hug my kids a little more, a little tighter, smell them, kiss them all over, tickle them, just plain being silly with them and enjoy each and every moment. You never know when will be your last day on earth...

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Melissa Say What?

I'm with ya on the "end of the world".  Live each day loving like it's your last!

Words of wisdom: "Never go to bed angry" and "Never go to bed without saying I love you" from my Nana.


Not bothered much about that.. I've made plans beyond tomorrow, so it's ok.. if we really need to go, we go.. if not, it's just a day we live life fullest!


I agree. I am a Christian and believe when our time is over it's going to come at an unknown hour and day and no man shall be able to prepare or know the hour. I told my son today ( 38 ) that if it's meant to end it will and to know that I love him. Whatever he does if he survives that to take care of himself and go on without me.
He just chuckled and said mom, nothing's going to happen. But knowing this no matter the age of our children they will always be our children and we need to tell them we love them. Do you ever get tired of hearing it?

michelle gilliland mcafee

michelle gilliland mcafee says:

As crazy as the world is now days I think we need to take every minute to show each other we care, astroid or not. lol


I agree with you all. I don't believe about the whole world ending, when the time comes we wont even know when it will be. Just live life to the fullest everyday!

darlene bohannon

im with you ,we should live every day as if it were our last.we never know what time we will lose a loved one. always cherish what you have.

Amy Vinson Taylor

I agree, life is unpredictable.  We sadly have seen that very recently haven't we? I have been hugging my boys extra tightly not because I think the world is going to end, but because I want to enjoy this time that I cannot ever have back.


I don't believe it, but it's nice to spend the "last day" with family :]


I think human are the one destroying the world, not the nature.
Nature is being killed slowly -- by human.
I've heard a priest commenting --- all livings in the world change themselves to suit the nature -- except human.
we change the world to suit ourselves.

Melissa S

I agree with you. I have heard so many the world is ending on a certain date tales, the only one that sucked me in was in th 70s when I was very young.

Tammi Bivans

I plan on continuing my day like it's any other day.  I don't like all the hype associated with the day.  

Colleen Banning

I believe that we are coming to an end......and a new beginning......a change in the world, an awakening of spirituality.


I don't believe it either, but if it gets children a few more hugs and I love you's then I'm all for it. Because you never know if it's their last day.

debbie campbell

debbie campbell says:

I agree with you 100%. People are silly if they think they will know when the end time comes. You can never regret spending time with your loved ones.

lisa lo

Coast to Coast listener too?

Melinda C

You should always live each day like it's your last. Also, as my dad always told me, never go to bed mad at anyone because you never know if you'll see them the next day.  I don't think the world is ending, in any possible way, but at least my son will know I love him if it does.

JD Hoppe

obviously it has not ended. as i was doing my searches i came across posts by people asking the same question and alot of people doing twitter jokes like people are making end of the world jokes like there's no tomorrow. I just take day by day and make sure i stay in contact with family and friends and spend as much time with them that i can!

Chrystal D

People will be gone long before the world ends. It's stronger than we are!

Natasha Brodsky

Natasha Brodsky says:

All this hype was a good thing for us.  We spent extra time with the family, just in case, but realized we should be doing it ALL the time!

Jermaine Mintuck

Jermaine Mintuck says:

I didn't think it WAS the end of the world. Never saw hints in the skies or the Earth saying anything like this. I just thought that is is some crank trying to get people in a jif to see if people would actually listen to them.


Never believed in this and we are all still alive!

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