An Outing to Our Local Fire Station...

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 8:26 AM ~

Last week, I brought our 2 kiddos to a nearby church to find out about their children's playgroup session. Apparently they have just set up this playgroup sessions recently and I was looking for a nice playgroup place where I can bring our kiddos to and at the same time be with them during the session.

God works in miraculous ways, I was clearing some books I have and posted pictures of them in my SAHM group in FB to give away to mums who are interested to be their new owners and one mum responded with regards to one of the books and after chatting over FB, I found out that she sends her children to this church for preschool and she mentioned to me about the new playgroup program.

So yeah, last week, I brought my kiddos to the playgroup center to find out more and they were having one of the playgroup session that time. We can see about 10 kids there with their parent and/or grandparent and I can see my 2 kiddos curious and wanted to join in the fun too. So anyway, I found out that they are organising an outing to our local fire station and immediately I asked whether we could join in the outing.

And yes, I was told we can join in of course! I think I was more excited than my kiddos as I know very well how they both love watching Fireman Sam and I think they would be thrilled to see a fire engine and fireman up close, and perhaps even sit in a fire engine!

On the outing day, we arrived just in time at the playgroup center (took me about 10 minutes to look for a parking spot) and just as we walked up to the playgroup center, I saw everybody leaving and walking towards the fire station. Lugging our 2 years old ninja, I took my 4.5 years old boy's hand and walked faster to tag along the rest.

We reached the fire station and was then allowed to take pictures up close at a fire engine parked right in the fire station. We were then told that we can sit in the fire engine and one of the fireman offered to bring us parents and kiddos for a short trip around the neighborhood to have a feel of riding in a fire engine. WoooooO!!!

We were the 2nd batch of parents and kiddos to ride in the fire engine and I admit, I was being selfish, the moment the fire engine drove into the station, I quickly queue up to get the front seats with the fireman. Anything for my kiddos, I tell you! And so, yes, we got the front seats of course! Plus I think it is better anyway for us to sit in front since I have 2 kiddos with me and a preggy bump as well, wouldn't be comfortable and nice squeezing at the back passenger seats right? Hehehehe...

The fireman initially turned on the loud siren, immediately I can see Benjamin getting excited but suddenly one of the younger boy at the back started crying and was terrified at the sudden noise. The fireman immediately turned off the siren. Oh well, the thrill was short lived but better than nothing. Once we reached back at the station, we sat on the floor and listened to a short briefing on how to use the fire extinguishers.

Once it was over, we say goodbye, thanked the firemen and I got Ben to shake hands with one of the fireman. We walked back to the playgroup center, I lugged our 2 years old ninja all the way back of course with Benjamin walking beside me. Chatted with a parents and I shared the tips and how I potty trained Benjamin as well since they asked me how I potty trained Ben.

Once we were back at the playgroup center, the kiddos were treated to a light snacks and we also sang goodbye song to those who are leaving earlier. I can see my kiddos enjoying their snacks while I chatted with another mum. I also paid for our September playgroup sessions in advance for both kiddos.

Back home, I asked Ben whether he likes this class and he said 'Yes' so we'll see how it goes. For now, I'm very thankful we found this playgroup session and prayed that it will help my kiddos to socialise with others more and I get to make more mummy friends as well. Thank you God for pointing us to this place and thank you Abigail for your help in getting the contact number to this playgroup center for me!

**Personal notes: Apologies but due to my paranoia of privacy and security of myself, my family and my kiddos, I am not going to reveal what is the SAHM group I'm in, the playgroup name, the area and so on. Apologies but like I said, I am really paranoid and with info like this being shown in public, I hope you can understand my reasons for doing so.

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