Things I Needed for My Labor Bag...

~ Posted on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 7:55 AM ~

Sharing pictures taken of my labor bag as I realised I have never actually had a proper checklist to keep track or remind myself what to bring when I am due to give birth! I packed this when I was at my 36 weeks pregnancy.

Stuff for myself:

* A pack of disposable panties (the hospital I am going to give birth at only provide the 1st maternity pad which is those string type where they tie at the sides, but other than that no free panties or maternity pad for you)

* A nursing bra

* A T-shirt and a long pants for myself when I checked out from the hospital (will be wearing hospital gown during my stay after labor so no need to bring any extra own clothes until I leave hospital)

* A pack of maternity pads

* Some light snacks (though I can get hubby to bring more from home if I needed to)

* Books to pass time (hopefully can read when baby is asleep)

(Not in picture yet: My mobile phone and charger, hospital health booklet, my identity card)


Stuff for newborn baby:

* A pack of newborn diapers (we don't need to bring the whole pack but I'm lazy to open it up and bring some so just going to lug the whole pack over to hospital since the hospital will not be providing any to us also)

* 3 pairs of baby clothes (short/long sleeve and pants)

* 2 packs of baby wipes

* Talcum powder (just in case need to use)

* Towel (though we can get from hospital as well)

* Few hankerchiefs

* Baby blanket and some comfu swaddles

In case you are wondering what about baby formula powder, bottles and pacifier, well, we never have it for our previous 2 kiddos. Our birth hospital is pro-breastfeeding and they ban any form of baby formula powder, bottles and pacifier so that's the reason we don't need to pack these items in my labor bag.

Let me know if there is anything I should bring along! Thanks!

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