Third Pregnancy at month 9 Week 37...

~ Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 7:48 AM ~

This post is to journal down the 9th month week 37 of my third pregnancy now! From 33 weeks onwards, we are going for bi-weekly check ups with our gynae. Anyway here goes the update:


Sweet sugary stuff still lures me every now and then which I do indulges after resisting long enough.


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My weight at this month (week 37 now) is 56.5kg, that makes it an increase of 11.5kg since I got pregnant, okay, so far so good, weight is gaining normally!


Gynae said based on my previous 2 labors at 39 weeks, our 3rd child will most likely be the same, to be born around 39 weeks as well and based on the placenta shown in ultrasound scan, gynae said he doesn't foresee me giving birth so soon. Baby weight based on ultrasound scan is 2.8kg at 37 weeks preggy now - an increase of 800g in 2 weeks!!! I'm starting to freak out a bit as gynae said by the time baby is born, she might be weighing around 3kg. Benjamin was 2.73kg at birth while Alyson was 2.91kg at birth. Gulp!!!

Amniotic fluid level is normal so far and my biggest worry which is whether baby is turning head down already or not has been answered! She's down! Yay!

This time I also mentioned to our gynae that if possible, I would like to delay the cord clamping and let my hubby clamps the cord himself. Hubby looked surprise (hehehe I didn't tell him I wanted this) and asked why would I want that and I said I just want it lahhhh!!! Gynae is agreeable provided baby is born naturally and given all clear signs, else if baby is not crying after birth, he will have to clamp the cord so that the hospital staff can immediately look into baby's care.


Yes, like what I did with Benjamin when I was pregnant with Alyson, I nursed him throughout the pregnancy. This round? Same. Nipples tend to get sore nowadays with Alyson continuing to suckle for comfort.


Baby movement very very active especially past midnight. Gynae advised to start monitoring for fetal kick count within the span of 12 hours, say from 11am to 11pm since I go to bed after midnight hehehe...

So there you go, updates as at 9 months (37 weeks to be exact) pregnancy... Overall, I am very thankful as all readings are normal and progressing well. I do get worry now and then when I think of the coming labor, even though this will be my 3rd experience, well, every labor is different you know!

Have a blessed week and thank you for reading!

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