Baby Room Review - Nearby Hamleys, 1 Utama

~ Posted on Friday, January 17, 2014 at 9:17 AM ~

I hope you enjoy reading my baby room review as much as I enjoy sneaking in my camera along with my baby and sheepishly taking pictures during the nursing session hehehehe....


Location: There is proper signage that will lead you to the baby room (the baby room I went to was located on 1st floor, next to the restrooms, just look out for Hamleys for landmark)

Facilities: There is just 1 nursing room, which has a 3 layers almost transparent sliding doors that you can slide from both outside and inside for some privacy, a dustbin, a comfy sofa, a sink with tissue paper dispenser, a baby diaper changing station as well with ample space for your stroller or kids to be in. I didn't pay attention to the power outlet as being a breastfeeding mum who nursed directly, I never bother to look for all these power outlets :P

Comfort Level: The baby room is OK, I am quite nervous with the sliding doors actually as you can also slide it open from outside. Also, the faucet from the sink is a bit not user-friendly as it is quite difficult to maneuver while trying to handle a baby on your own. I was actually using the flat platform next to the sink as diaper changing area since I am not particularly a fan of those heavy and difficult to pull down diaper changing station at the wall.

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