Bathroom Aids

~ Posted on Friday, January 24, 2014 at 8:45 PM ~

Recently I came across a website featuring bathroom aids from UKS Mobility and memories of my late mum flooded back into my mind when I saw this product...

About a month plus before my mum passed away due to her kidney failures, my hubby then boyfriend bought her a chair similar to the one shown above. It allows her to sit on the chair and use it as a commode as well. She did not use it for shower as she can still walk around slowly just that our bathroom is the squat toilet kind so she was not able to squat anymore, hence the purpose of getting her the above chair.

I recalled how difficult it was for us to find products like this in Malaysia. Some pharmacies sell them but the stocks and designs most often are limited. So I think it is great that there is such a website selling products like this.

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