Don't Stop Asking.... and Answering...

~ Posted on Monday, March 24, 2014 at 7:02 AM ~

As much as I get tired of answering our kiddos' (especially our 5 years old boy) never-ending questions, whenever possible, I will also ask them on certain things. Sometimes I'm surprised with what our kiddo knows. Their mind is innocent and pure, even if they do not know the answer, it is nice knowing what goes on in their mind and how they perceive the world around them.

Sometimes, I explain to our boy even when he has not ask me anything yet. I feel we should not just wait for them to ask. Sometimes he might not know what to ask so I think it is good to be explaining to him so that he too can learn something new.

For example, while watching the Wall-E show, our boy asked me 'What does Wall-E do? What is his job?' and after explaining what Wall-E does, I continued explaining why there are no other robots around, why Wall-E compressed the rubbish into cute little cubes and so on. A question from our boy on why there is only Wall-E on earth will lead me to explain why, what is pollution (surprised me when our boy told me 'dirty things' when I asked him what is the meaning of pollution), why plants and trees are important to us (oxygen!) and so on.

So parents, don't let your kiddo stop asking, and as for us, don't stop answering. As tiring as it is, cherish moments like this when your kiddo still wants to listen to you, when they still look up to you and trust you wholeheartedly and that you are always there ready to support them.

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