Pan Fried Fish Cakes

~ Posted on Friday, October 9, 2015 at 6:28 AM ~

My late mum used to make this for me and I remembered the days when I got home from school, college or work and seeing a plate of fish cakes nicely sliced thinly waiting for me... Ahhhh... such nice memories. I could just eat a plate of rice with this fish cake slices on its own. This is the first time I'm attempting this dish though I've seen my mother-in law making it every now and then. Every trial and attempts is a step closer to cherishing and bringing myself back to the times when my late mum was still around.

I used the ready made fish paste and just grabbed a handful of it, pat it nicely into a round shape, flattening the top and the bottom slightly while waiting for my non-stick pan to heat up (with about 1 tbsp of oil drizzled on it) and once the pan is hot enough, I gently put the fish cakes on it and pan fry it for a few minutes, generally until the outer skin is golden and crispy looking enough.

I'm just making this for myself actually so I never expected anyone else to hog my dish! Turns out our 4 year old girl loves it! She has never been one who like things like this (she refused to eat fishballs - common ingredients added into noodles dishes here in Malaysia) so I am surprised and happy to see this. I would definitely try this again and add in mash vege next time hehehehe...

Pan Fried Fish Cakes

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