Sharing - Painful Things People Often Say To Women Who Have Miscarried

~ Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 7:56 AM ~

I came across this article which I must definitely share with you guys as I'm very interested to know your thoughts on this. Do note that sharing this does not mean I agree or disagree with it. To view the video on YouTube, you can click on the images below. For your convenience, I have copied the excerpts from the article here:

Women have revealed the painful and insensitive things people said to them after suffering a miscarriage in a thought-provoking 35-second video. The clip, produced by pregnancy charity Tommy's, features misjudged remarks such as 'it happened for a reason' and 'at least it wasn't a real baby yet'.


Others were told: 'At least it happened early' and 'There'll be plenty more chances'.



 Some women were offered 'reassurance' with the words: 'At least you can get pregnant.'

 The video is part of a campaign called #miscourage to end the taboo around the subject. It follows a recent study suggesting that 85 per cent of women who suffer a miscarriage don't think people understand what they have been through.

The research, carried out by Tommy's in November 2015, also showed that 70 per cent of women feel guilty about miscarriage and 79 per cent feel like a failure.

The #miscourage campaign aims to encourage people who have been affected to speak out and share their experiences, in order to change the lack of awareness around the subject.


It is supported by writer Viv Groskop and broadcaster Lisa Francesca Nand, who have both suffered miscarriages.

One of the campaign's main aims is to change legislation in the UK; currently, women have to endure three consecutive miscarriages before their case is fully investigated. Jane Brewin, the CEO of Tommy's, said: 'It is not acceptable for a couple to go through this much suffering and uncertainty. 'We would like to see an immediate reduction to two and ultimately our aim is that every miscarriage is taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.'

What do you think?

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