How to Schedule Post on Facebook Fan Page

~ Posted on Monday, August 18, 2014 at 6:54 AM ~

As some of you might noticed, I am more active on my Facebook page and being someone who absolutely loves to read stuff, I tend to come across with lots of interesting articles on the Internet and a lot of these articles are what I personally feel worth sharing on my fan page.

I do my best to space out the posting of these articles so as not to overcrowd our FB walls, so I scheduled all my postings days in advance on average by 2 hours gap starting from 9am until 11pm (Malaysia time). There are days where the gaps are closer especially when I came across those articles that I feel I must share at that moment.

FYI, I don't really remember what I have scheduled earlier unless I spend some time browsing through my scheduled postings (which I don't often do), hence there might be more negative news in a day etc. I actually have to explain this in order to answer some individuals on my FB page who asked why am I postings so many negative news on a particular day.

Anyway, here is a quick tutorial on how to schedule post on an FB Fan Page:

Step 1: Copy paste the text and link that you want to be posted on your FB Fan Page. I normally will copy the first few paragraphs or sentences from the article as excerpt followed by the URL link to the article.


Step 2: Right below the preview thumbnail of the article, click on the 'Schedule Post' link and select the date from the popup calendar followed by the time you wanted to schedule to post the article.

Step 3: Once you have determined the date and time to schedule the posting of the article, click the 'Schedule' button. You will then see the following screen telling you that your post has been scheduled. You may click 'Close' to close the screen.

Step 4: If you realised that you may want to change your scheduled date or time, click on the 'View Activity Tab'.


Step 5: Look for the post you wanted to change and click on the arrow button on the right hand corner of the related post. You will see a drop-down menu with options to reschedule, edit the text of the article, pubilsh the post immediately or to delete the scheduled post.


I hope this article serves to help you in planning out how to schedule your posts on your Facebook fan page!

** Note: I have disabled the commenting feature on my blog engine thanks to all the spammers who happily spam my blog every day. If you wish to ask me any questions, you can find me at my Facebook page (I'm there almost everyday) or just drop me an email if you wish to maintain some anonymity.

Chicken with Ginger & Scallions

~ Posted on Friday, August 15, 2014 at 6:53 AM ~

For this post, I am sharing my next food recipe, Chicken with Ginger & Scallions (in Cantonese, we called this 'Keung Choong Kai'). We normally order this when we have family gathering in restaurants but hey, this is my 2nd attempt at cooking this. Without further ado, here is the recipe for Chicken with Ginger & Scallions:

* Chicken meat (quantity up to you - I normally use thighs, wings and some chicken breasts parts)
 * Garlic (quantity up to you, the more the better flavor - cut into small slices)
 * Scallions (quantity up to you, the more the better flavor - cut into small pieces about 1cm in length)
* Ginger
(quantity up to you, the more the better flavor - cut into thin slices about 2-3mm wide)
* A pinch of baking soda to marinate the chicken meat
* Half tsp of salt (leave some to marinate the chicken meat)
* Half cup of water (to make the gravy/sauce)
* Oil - for frying the chicken meat (quantity up to you)

* Wash the chicken meat, make sure they are as dry as possible (use paper towel to absorb)
* Marinate with baking soda and salt for about 30 minutes.
* Heat up oil in pan.
* Fry the chicken until half cooked (I normally fry until a bit brown)
* Add ginger and continue frying for about 2-3 minutes
* Add garlic and scallions followed by water, cover the frying pan and continue frying for another 10-15 minutes
* Ready to serve




If you prefer your chicken to look a bit darker in color, you may add a dash of dark soy sauce (caramel dark soy sauce). Picture below is my 1st attempt of this dish.

I was told by hubby and my MIL that the chicken dish is delicious, that the meat is bouncy and springy (thanks to marinating with baking soda) It is very easy to make this dish, little ingredients, easy to follow steps. This recipe is definitely for keeps!

To view my other recipes, feel free to hop over to my Recipe Library page for more info!

Save Money And Get Faster Broadband…

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 12:02 AM ~

Most parents have enough on their plates without having to worry about how much money they’re spending on the family’s internet access.

But if you never make time to compare broadband deals, there’s a strong chance you’re paying more than you have to for your internet.

To save money, and maybe get a better service with faster speeds in the process, the best place to start is a trusted broadband money-saving website that’ll do most of the hard work for you, showing packages from all the main UK providers available where you live.

Here are some tips to help you compare broadband and get the best deal:

1. Keep your eyes peeled for bargains
Internet providers are constantly updating their deals and offers, so even you’re happy with what you’ve got at the moment it doesn’t hurt to keep a lookout for something even better. If you use the web to shop around, you’ll often come across online exclusives such as half-price broadband for the first six months of your contract.

2. Pick value for money over price
It might seem slightly counter-intuitive to say you can save money by not getting obsessed with prices, but a certain extent it’s actually true. If you skimp on your broadband - signing up to a cheap basic package with a low usage limit - then you’re likely to rack up extra costs further down the line, for example if you need to increase your download allowance.

3. Don’t get stung by expensive hidden costs
It’s easy to get carried away when you see a broadband deal with a super-cheap price, but it’s important to look a bit deeper to make sure you’ll definitely be saving money. The main thing to watch out for is line rental, which you need to pay in order to receive the vast majority of broadband services in the UK. Prices vary a lot, so it shouldn’t be overlooked.

4. Bundle with one provider for everything
If you’re trying to save money, one of the worst things you can do is have separate providers for your family’s broadband, home phone and TV. It almost always works out cheaper if you bundle the whole lot with one company, such as BT, Sky, Virgin Media or TalkTalk, which all offer landline, internet and digital TV packages rolled into a bundle.

5. Switch every couple of years
Providers generally save their best offers and discounts for attracting new customers, so while you might get everything half-price for a few months you’ll usually have to pay the full amount for the remainder of a 12 to 24-month contract. As soon as your contract period expires, it’s time to shop around again. There’s usually a better deal to be had.

Author bio:
Anthony Hill is a writer for broadbandchoices, where you can compare broadband, TV and mobile phone deals and that’ll save money for you and your family.