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As a busy mum with 5 kiddos between 6 months old to 10-years old, I have started cutting down on doing product reviews to focus on my childcare and family life, home cooking, education, helping with hubby's administration site of the business and sharing informational articles on my FB fan page so I am only accepting and prioritizing products that can fit into our family dynamics (especially books on parenting or educational stuff, family products, something along those genre)! Reading is my passion and coupled with books that are of parenting, children, family or religion or educational genre, all the more I gotta say yes!

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Kid Normal

Book 1: Kid Normal
ISBN: 9781408884539
Pages: 400

Description from the product page for book 1:

"Murph Cooper has a problem. His new school is top secret, and super weird. His classmates can all fly or control the weather or conjure tiny horses from thin air. And what's Murph's extraordinary skill? Um, oh yeah - he hasn't got one. Just as well there are no revolting supervillains lurking nearby, their minds abuzz with evil plans. There are!? Right. Ok, then... It's time for Kid Normal to become a hero!" 


Book 2: Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes
ISBN: 978-1408884553
Pages: 416

Description from the product page for book 2:

"The second, epically funny adventure starring Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes from Greg James and Chris Smith. Not all heroes have superpowers. Don't believe us? Well Murph Cooper is living proof. Since becoming Kid Normal, he and the Super Zeroes have been catching baddies all over the place. But being a hero is about to get a whole lot harder ... Far away in a top-secret prison, the world's most feared supervillain has broken a thirty year silence. His first words? 'Bring Kid Normal to me!'"


Book 3: Kid Normal and the Shadow Machine
ISBN: 978-1408898901
Pages: 400

Description from the product page for book 3:

"YOU DON'T NEED SUPERPOWERS TO BE A HERO ... Or do you? Despite having no powers, Murph Cooper is part of the best team in the Heroes' Alliance. So when supervillain Magpie declares all-out war, Kid Normal and the Super Zeroes lead the charge. But Magpie believes that a powerless hero is no hero at all. And he's building a dastardly device to prove it. When Kid Normal enters the Shadow Machine, THE WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME ...'"

I'm a full-time mummy

We received the "Kid Normal" books which I had intended for our 10-year-old boy to read as he is into books like this nowadays. I could see the similarity of the theme in the "Kid Normal" books with the Wimpy Kid series and Big Nate series in the sense that the fonts are easy on the eyes with the occasional contrasting font types when there is excitement, surprises and shocking sentences by the characters or in the storyline and the wacky illustrations all over the books which caught my boy's attention.

I like the unique storyline that a normal child could also be special. That it doesn't take any superpower abilities to stand out or to save the day. That as common as we feel we are, we do contribute and could help out no matter how big or small our contributions it seems.

Kid Normal

Overall, a fun book series to own especially if your child likes to read and/or they are venturing into chapter books!

I'm a full-time mummy

The book is available at all major bookstores in Malaysia. Btw, do note that if you purchase any Kid Normal book(s) at the participating bookstores exclusive to Malaysia and Singapore, you will receive an A4 character folder (*while stock lasts of course).

I'm a full-time mummy

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