Product Review - Claire Organics

~ Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 1:00 PM ~

I received a total of 4 handmade soaps from Claire Organics for my review and this post will be touching on the first 2 that I tried: Guinness with Raw Honey and Mulberry Yogurt soaps. Here goes the first part of my review for Claire Organics soap:

I'm a full-time mummy

Claire Organics

Description from the product page:
"Guinness with raw honey - signature product - unscented: Gentle care for baby eczema, soothing for sensitive skin.
Guinness Stout made with hops and barley which are both extremely gentle and wonderful to use from head to toe. Barley contains minerals that preserve the skins elasticity and protect it from free radical damage. Hops have a relaxing effect on the body, are skin soothing and have natural anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Brewer’s yeast kills the bacteria associated with acne.

Mulberry Yogurt Soap - Whitening, Anti-Aging
Fresh from our organic home garden, Mulberry is a great whitening agent that naturally diminishing dark spots and remove blemishes. Their rich source of anti-aging antioxidants effectively fights off wrinkles and tightening opened pores. Mulberry makes a great facial bar for glowing, flawless skin."

I'm a full-time mummy

I would like to apologise for the lack of pictures taken on this post because I got really excited in trying out handmade soaps and did not snap much pictures before I use it. Whoooopss...

# 1 : Guinness with Raw Honey (Signature product)

Claire Organics

The first time I tried out this soap, I was wondering to myself this soap smells a bit alcohol-ish but I couldn't make out what type of alcohol it is as I'm not a person who drinks any alcohol. I found out later that this soap contains Guinness Stout with added raw honey.

Claire Organics

Upon using it for about 1 week, I feel my skin smoother and I also use it a few times on my girl who had a mild rash on her tummy during that time. The soap did not leave any irritating sensation on her skin and I also noticed her rash is less reddish and less sore after bathing my girl.

I do however do not like that the soap crumbles easily and upon giving back my feedback to the sponsor, I learned that handmade soaps also tend to 'melt' a little faster than commercial soaps because of the more moisturising oil used in the soaps. Now that explains this phenomena as I do tend to leave my soap wet after shower hehehehe...

# 2 : Mulberry Yogurt

Ooo... I love this soap! In fact, I use it sooooo slowly and with gentle care, trying to conserve and preserve the soap as long as possible! I can feel that my skin is gently covered and lathered with the smooth yogurt texture and I also noticed that my skin is not as dry as it used to be. Love this! I would totally recommend this soap!

Claire Organics

I'm a full-time mummy

You can browse for more handmade soaps at Claire Organic's Facebook page.

I'm a full-time mummy

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I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the products in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

I'm a full-time mummy

How to Cut Your Child's Hair?

~ Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 7:50 AM ~

No, really. This post is not intended to give you my personal tips on how to cut your child's hair. I'm actually asking the question, how do you cut your child's hair?

Ever since my boy started growing his hair, I have been his sole hairstylist. He refuses to let anybody but ME to touch his hair. Numerous attempts to lure him to a saloon and barber shop resulting in him hiding behind us and shaking his head frantically.

Sigh... I should be proud of my boy's ermm... good taste (hopefully!) in sticking to one and only hair stylist, but I admit I am still clueless on how to cut a child's hair!

The initial attempts in hair cutting has resulted in lots of laughs and jokes on my boy and myself. I really do not know how to cut his hair properly, especially the sideburns and above the ears part. Even until this day as my boy is slowly approaching his 4 years old milestone.

Normally I cut his hair at our balcony, always before his water pool playtime. This is so I could easily wash away the trimmed hair on the floor. I'll get my boy to sit still on our Ikea stool and he'll be wearing his Spiderman swimming trunks and waited as I cut, cut, cut!

I have tried checking in Youtube on tips to cut around the sideburns and above ears area but couldn't find any videos and tips on this. Hence, I am still depending on my own judgement and luck to cut my boy's hair everytime heheheh...

So any tips?

The Day I Colored My Hair...

~ Posted on Monday, January 21, 2013 at 7:58 AM ~

17th January 2013 is the day I colored my hair for the first time in my life. I was so nervous to do this and yet excited to be doing this because:

- I am bored with my jet black hair of 32 years +

- I am getting more white hairs at the top of my head (averaging 4-5 strands of white hair discoveries everyday)

- Why not try while I am still young and have the courage and time to recover from any mistakes?

And so, I get down to finding the opportunity to go out and browse through the many hair color products on the supermarket shelves. Browsing through the many brands and colors and shades... my oh my... not easy decision to settle down on one! In the end, I settled on Schwarzkopf Palette Intense Color Creme (4-89 Medium Brown Red Violet)

Next step is deciding whether I should color my hair at home by myself which I then decided not to because I do not know how and I might missed some spots and some friends in the SAHM group I joined in said it is better to bring the hair color product to the saloon and let the stylist color my hair as it will get messy if I do it myself at home.

I had earlier hinted to my hubby asking for his thoughts on whether I should color my hair and the first thing he said was 'No. Why color and damage your hair?' and yet I still go ahead to buy that pack of hair color because I just can't resist the change and excitement. I arranged for my MIL to take care of my 16 months old girl at home while I bring my almost 4 years old boy along with me and leave him at my SIL's condo (she works from home) as the hair saloon is just at the ground floor of her condo.

The first thing the stylist said when I showed him the color I got is 'This color might not be obvious in your hair because your hair is very black! But nevermind, we just give it a try.' I also decided a change of hair style a little bit and the stylist got down to cutting my hair and once done, he started mixing the tubes of color and stuff and I prayed for the best. Once my hair was colored, the stylist took a look at my hair and said 'Hmmm.. now look a bit reddish, nevermind, we will see what happened next'. I had to wait an agonising 30 minutes for the chemical to settle in and prayed I don't end up with a tomato colored hair and it was then that the stylist said 'You know, a lot of people will never return back once they started coloring their hair. They get hooked!' Oh my! Why only tell me now?! Arghhhh...

When the 30 minutes is up, the stylist put on the conditioner mix into my hair and then washes off the color. Blow dry and style my hair a wee bit and it was then that we realised...

My hair is still jet black as ever.


That night, I confessed to my hubby about coloring my hair and he didn't appear angry or upset at what I did. Pheww... he told me that he is not against me coloring my hair, just that I should go for less chemical ingredients in the hair coloring products. So, yay for future possible hair coloring plans? Hehehehe...

Although I am disappointed my hair doesn't turn out Barney-ish (purple color) or tomato-ish as per the hair color packaging, I'm happy that at least I took this bold step! Of course deep in my heart I would've love to see some tinge of purple red shade on my hair but oh well, maybe next time I will go for a lighter shade of color.

What do you think?