How to Cut Your Child's Hair?

~ Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 7:50 AM ~

No, really. This post is not intended to give you my personal tips on how to cut your child's hair. I'm actually asking the question, how do you cut your child's hair?

Ever since my boy started growing his hair, I have been his sole hairstylist. He refuses to let anybody but ME to touch his hair. Numerous attempts to lure him to a saloon and barber shop resulting in him hiding behind us and shaking his head frantically.

Sigh... I should be proud of my boy's ermm... good taste (hopefully!) in sticking to one and only hair stylist, but I admit I am still clueless on how to cut a child's hair!

The initial attempts in hair cutting has resulted in lots of laughs and jokes on my boy and myself. I really do not know how to cut his hair properly, especially the sideburns and above the ears part. Even until this day as my boy is slowly approaching his 4 years old milestone.

Normally I cut his hair at our balcony, always before his water pool playtime. This is so I could easily wash away the trimmed hair on the floor. I'll get my boy to sit still on our Ikea stool and he'll be wearing his Spiderman swimming trunks and waited as I cut, cut, cut!

I have tried checking in Youtube on tips to cut around the sideburns and above ears area but couldn't find any videos and tips on this. Hence, I am still depending on my own judgement and luck to cut my boy's hair everytime heheheh...

So any tips?

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From what I see, you actually did a good job!

I can't offer you any tips, as I only managed to take a few snips on Iggy hair.  He kept on giggling when I try to trim his hair... haiz  But luckily he sits perfectly still at the barber

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Pauline!
Thanks for sharing your feedback! So good your Iggy can sit still at the barber! Mine hides behind me and sneak a peek chanting 'no no no'  -___-


i think it is quite fine what u did there...
for me i also cut for my son but i leave his side burns... hehe.. infact i'm keeping his hair long so that i can make him into korean child star.. so normally i keep the length and trim it layered... (i think) haha

MieVee @

Your boy looks fine! Smile

I've also been cutting Vee's hair. We'd water supply issues last week, so he finally visited the barber with Daddy for the first time last week. All went well, phew!

How I cut the 2 boys' sides of hair:
1. grab hair above ear (as close to scalp as possible), fingers vertically downwards, cut along fingers to create a short layer
2. repeat above for a few times to cover the entire side above ear
3. trim carefully above the ear for an even round edge
4. repeat Step #1 again if necessary

Hope the above is clear... Smile

MieVee @

Oh, and you may let him watch Daddy have his hair cut as many times as possible.
After a while, he may be open to the idea.

My Vee is VERY resistant to most strangers handling him too closely, somehow this method worked for him even when we didn't plan for it. Smile

Angel Leong

My mum also cut my hair when I was a child. I missed those times...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi MieVee,
Thanks, I did the method you suggested for trimming above the ears part, but somehow still cacat Tong We also tried bringing Ben along when daddy went for his haircut but again la, hide behind me when stylist start cutting daddy's hair -___-

Hi Angel!
Thanks for sharing your experience! I remembered when I was young, my hair was so long, everyday my mum will braid into long tocang for me hahaha

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