The Day I Colored My Hair...

~ Posted on Monday, January 21, 2013 at 7:58 AM ~

17th January 2013 is the day I colored my hair for the first time in my life. I was so nervous to do this and yet excited to be doing this because:

- I am bored with my jet black hair of 32 years +

- I am getting more white hairs at the top of my head (averaging 4-5 strands of white hair discoveries everyday)

- Why not try while I am still young and have the courage and time to recover from any mistakes?

And so, I get down to finding the opportunity to go out and browse through the many hair color products on the supermarket shelves. Browsing through the many brands and colors and shades... my oh my... not easy decision to settle down on one! In the end, I settled on Schwarzkopf Palette Intense Color Creme (4-89 Medium Brown Red Violet)

Next step is deciding whether I should color my hair at home by myself which I then decided not to because I do not know how and I might missed some spots and some friends in the SAHM group I joined in said it is better to bring the hair color product to the saloon and let the stylist color my hair as it will get messy if I do it myself at home.

I had earlier hinted to my hubby asking for his thoughts on whether I should color my hair and the first thing he said was 'No. Why color and damage your hair?' and yet I still go ahead to buy that pack of hair color because I just can't resist the change and excitement. I arranged for my MIL to take care of my 16 months old girl at home while I bring my almost 4 years old boy along with me and leave him at my SIL's condo (she works from home) as the hair saloon is just at the ground floor of her condo.

The first thing the stylist said when I showed him the color I got is 'This color might not be obvious in your hair because your hair is very black! But nevermind, we just give it a try.' I also decided a change of hair style a little bit and the stylist got down to cutting my hair and once done, he started mixing the tubes of color and stuff and I prayed for the best. Once my hair was colored, the stylist took a look at my hair and said 'Hmmm.. now look a bit reddish, nevermind, we will see what happened next'. I had to wait an agonising 30 minutes for the chemical to settle in and prayed I don't end up with a tomato colored hair and it was then that the stylist said 'You know, a lot of people will never return back once they started coloring their hair. They get hooked!' Oh my! Why only tell me now?! Arghhhh...

When the 30 minutes is up, the stylist put on the conditioner mix into my hair and then washes off the color. Blow dry and style my hair a wee bit and it was then that we realised...

My hair is still jet black as ever.


That night, I confessed to my hubby about coloring my hair and he didn't appear angry or upset at what I did. Pheww... he told me that he is not against me coloring my hair, just that I should go for less chemical ingredients in the hair coloring products. So, yay for future possible hair coloring plans? Hehehehe...

Although I am disappointed my hair doesn't turn out Barney-ish (purple color) or tomato-ish as per the hair color packaging, I'm happy that at least I took this bold step! Of course deep in my heart I would've love to see some tinge of purple red shade on my hair but oh well, maybe next time I will go for a lighter shade of color.

What do you think?

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cathy stech

I think your hair looks exactly the same color. I agree with you some "color" would look nice, my vote is for the Barney color!

Lucero De La Tierra

Yeah, it looks like your natural color overpowered the hair coloring.  At least you have full coverage of any gray.

Nicci Tapp

I love your hair. It's very pretty. Smile

denise smith

i am 39 years old and i color my hair i dont have grey hair yet i do it to just change this or just for me thing.  I do it at home also. love your new color  


I am surprised the salon would use an outside product. But I'm not surprised your hair color didn't change. Did you get rid of the gray?

Sarah L

I tried coloring my hair and it just got brittle. How about some natural Henna which might give you a red tinge.

catheryn @ pinkbibs

Bravo for taking a bold step,after so many years!

i like your trimmed and blewdry hair.

yes,next time,go for a richer and slightly lighter color.


I think for jet black hair, you cannot dye purple. Can't see much difference. Try to choose lighter colours next time. Anyway, bravo for the bold step..hehe.

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