Words Can Hurt...

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 2:16 PM ~

I was feeling pretty upset this morning. Decided to try to use the oven for the 1st time by baking a ready-made pizza dough. Just required a few instructions to follow along using the oven and you can have the pizza ready to eat in about 15 minutes. Thought I'd give the oven a try, and also give me a mini boost to conquer my fear of baking first.

The pizza calls for the following instruction:

1. Preheat oven to 220℃

2. Take out pizza dough from box and internal plastic wraps

3. Put pizza dough right in center and bake for about 8-10minutes, or until cheese melted and you see the crust is golden yellow

4. Ready to eat!

Simple right?

I thought this is just a mini warm up start for me to get used to following instructions on baking and using the oven... But, the moment I got ready the oven, I hear this coming from my MIL:

"What? You are going to start using the oven already? Sigh... you all just do things for fun because it's a new thing" (I'm translating this from Cantonese to English.. the words in Cantonese were harsher... it's actually 'San Si Hang' which practically means new toilet seat.. something which Chinese like to say to represent people getting excited for the first few moments over new stuff and then forget and stop doing it when they get bored of it)

So anyway, yeah.. those 3 Cantonese words goes to my ears and stabs right in my heart. Maybe you think I'm over-reacting but it hurts.

Baking things IS a new thing for me. Is it wrong for me to get excited over this new thing?

But who is she to assume this excitement is going to pass? And I'm still wondering what else I did that made her assume that?

I told her nicely that "If everytime someones tries to attempt something new and you go telling the same 3 words to people, how will they get encouraged to continue on? You already branded people that way and assume people is going to stop doing it. Can't you be more encouraging?" She kept quiet after that.

Sorry for venting out but I reminded her that she is the same person who told me 'Guns and weapons won't hurt people if you leave it there, but a mouth can turn a gun and weapons to hurt someone. A mouth can tell someone to get a gun or weapon and hurt someone'.

So why is she doing this?

Nevertheless, I grit my teeth and continue on with the pizza thing and now that I'm typing this, I'm more determined to prove her wrong. I thought to myself.. why am I letting her discourage me? True, it's her mouth and I cannot tape it shut and I've got no control over what she wants to say but I got control over my ears.

I can choose to ignore and NOT listent to those negative words. Read: Ephesians 4:29 (NIV), John 14:1 (NIV)

My 1st SIL is coming this weekend to show me some demo on a few of her baking recipes. Wish me luck with my baking adventure!

Read: Mark 10:27 (NIV), Deuteronomy 31:6 (NIV), Philippians 4:13 (NIV), Deuteronomy 31:8 (NIV)

Schools on Sunday!

~ Posted on Monday, August 23, 2010 at 12:16 AM ~

Singing, praying and dancing... Man swallowed by fish...

Coloring papers and cutting out shapes... Eating biscuits, buns and snacks...

These are the things we've been doing for the last 2 Sundays at our church's toddler's Sunday schools. Our church has different rooms and buildings for different ages of children. Any child younger than 18 months will be with their parents in a special room at the main hall - confined to a glass wall where we can see outside and hear through the speakers in the room. The next stage (which is where Ben will be) is for 18 to 36 months. Didn't take note of the other age group though.

Although Ben is 2 weeks shy from reaching 18 months old, we joined the 18-36months classes anyway just to get a feel on how the classes are conducted and what goes on in the classes. Below are snapshots and summaries of the 2 Sunday schools classes Ben attended so far:

1st Sunday school (15th August 2010)

I forgot to take the pictures earlier but in general what happened was, we were a few minutes late and when we entered the class, everyone was dancing and singing midway. The teacher then proceeded to tell the story of Jonah who was swallowed by the whale. They even made the whale's mouth using paper box. How creative!

I noticed all of the children there were accompanied by either one of their parents or the maid. I think we were the weird ones where both hubby and I were in the class with Ben.

So anyway, after the story telling ended, the teacher told everyone to wash their hands (there's a sink about 10 metres outside the class for hand washing and the parents will accompany their child to wash their hands) and get ready their water bottles.

Every child has a tissue paper placed in front of them and the teacher's assistant then went around each child and distribute a chocolate bun for their light snack.

Needless to say, my dear boy happily walloped the bun. I'm still trying to look for this bun as I can't find it at the supermarket we frequented.

Next, everyone got ready for the activity time! Each child was given a piece of paper with the picture of a pair of glasses pre-printed on it, and everyone was told to color in the glasses using the magic color pens. Ben happily scribbles away...

After that, hubby proceeded to cut and punched 2 holes at the ear piece of the glasses and I tied rubber bands on each side of the glasses.

Once a child finished their artwork, they will queue up and show the teacher their finished work. And the teacher in return will give the child a sticker as a reward!

Look at Ben checking out his Pooh bear sticker...

This is Ben's 1st artwork! I'm so proud I'm going to keep it for memories!

2nd Sunday school (22nd August 2010)

This time, we're early. Waited for a few minutes before the class started. Noticed there are 3 teachers now instead of 1 last week. The class started with everyone praying for a blessed day in the class, then moving on to dancing and singing. The teacher then proceeded to tell the story of Jonah who was swallowed by the whale (again...). This time, other than the whale's mouth which was used last week, they added in a hand puppet. I'm liking it already!

Here's Ben looking at another child who is fussing during the class. I just realised Ben's T-shirt matches the story telling for the day! Hahahahah...

So anyway, after the story telling ended, everyone went to wash their hands and got ready their water bottles. Every child has a tissue paper placed in front of them and the teacher's assistant then went around each child and this time, they distribute 2 long biscuits and 1 small cracker.

After the light snack, it's the activity time again! We were given 3 pages of pre-printed pictures related to Jonah in the story.

Look at Ben trying to grab the crayons! I've never exposed him to crayons before (we don't have any at home you see...) so it's understandable for him to be excited and fascinated with them!

However, Ben didn't seem to be interested in coloring today as it was his nap time actually and he was feeling pretty fussy and less energetic throughout the class. So, hubby ended up coloring most of the pictures! Although at one point, Ben was so excited and keep passing the crayons to this mummy on our right who can't reach the stack of crayons way in front of us. How helpful and sensitive of Ben!

Hubby busy coloring all the pictures while Ben looked on.

The funniest thing is when hubby finished all the coloring, Ben went: "YEAYYYY" with 2 arms raised up... as if he's the one who tirelessly completed the artwork! Cheeky boy! And this is Ben's 2nd artwork! Or should I say hubby's 1st artwork? Heheheheh...

I'm starting to get used to the idea of Ben attending the classes now. After the 1st class last week, I felt sad thinking "Oh boy, Ben is growing up so fast! He's attending Sunday classes now and in a blink of an eye he's going to kindergarten then school, then college, then work, then get married and so on...." Waaaaaaaaaa....

Of course, I have to slowly learn to let go and accept the fact that Ben is going to school one day and have his own circle of friends and no longer be sticking to me 24/7...

It's the circle of life and I hope when that day comes, Ben will know that his mummy and daddy will always be there watching over him no matter what happens.

Benefits & How to Create Facebook Page for Your Blog

~ Posted on Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 12:08 AM ~

Finally can't resist and succumbed to the temptation of creating the "I'm a full-time mummy Fan Page" for my blog on Facebook!

It came about when one of my blog reader (Thanks to mamapoekie for the inspiration!) who asked me through her comment whether I have a Facebook page and I replied that I don't think I can handle too many accounts at the moment!

. . . . . (please wait while I put my foot into my mouth)

Okay, okay... I just can't resist it any longer! I thought over the idea of creating the Facebook page and what benefits & good it does for my blog and it came down to these few reasons:

* a great platform for my loyal followers to come together for my website

* gives more footing in search ranking

* able to track the number of interactions my page has with fans, view key demographics like sex, age, and location, and more

* a variety of customization options when choosing to communicate with my fan base

* able to communicate messages and posts directly into my fans’ homepages

* it’s completely free!

* Facebook allows users to Comment, Like & Share any update, link, photo, video etc. This has the opportunity to turn viral depending on the popularity or interest in the subject.

* The process of becoming a fan is simplified – NO friend request to be ‘accepted’ or to view your page. Just the decision to become a fan and at the click of a mouse the avenue of communication is open to you both.

Another article on the benefits:

* Unlike profile and group, both of which are limited with maximum 5000 friends and 5000 members, fan page is unlimited, a fan page can get as many fans as it can

* Fan page can be searched or found by search engine, it is powerful, imagine whatever you post in fan page will be indexed by google,doesn’t it mean more traffic to the page and also target business website or blog?

Now how to create a Facebook page for your blog? I'm just going to put in those steps that I managed to screenshot for your guide, you can actually surfed around the Net for tutorials to do this as well. So here goes:

#1: Login to your Facebook account. If you don't have an account, you need to create one first by going to Facebook home page.

#2: Now go to Facebook | Create a Page option. You will see there are 2 page options to choose from, "Official Page" or "Community Page". Choose the one on the left.

Facebook Create Page

#3: Select the 2nd option which is "Brand, product or organisation" and look for "Website".

Facebook Create Page

#4: Key in your page name. In my case, of course I key in my blog name which is "I'm a full-time mummy".

#5: Check the box under "I'm the official representative of this person, business, band or product and have permission to create this Page." and click the "Create Official Page" button.

#6: From there onwards, you will be prompted to add your info, such a picture for your page profile, basic and detailed info and so on.

Now what good is a fan page if you can't import your blog RSS into it right? Honestly, I'm kinda tired having to copy my posts link to my personal Facebook profile whenever I publish a new post. So, doing this especially under my own blog profile is good for me!

Option 1: Via Facebook Notes

#7: Now, what you do is go to "Edit Page", look for "Notes" and click at the "Edit" option. Look out for the option to "Import a Blog" and key in your blog URL. Check the box at the end before clicking on the "Start Importing" button. (I actually have to search around for more tutorials as it cannot detect my RSS link and I finally found the solution which is to just key in my blog URL)

#8: If your URL is correct, you will see the preview of your imported blog. Just click at the "Confirm Import" button.

Import a Blog into your Facebook Page

Option 2: Via NetworkedBlogs on Facebook (** FYI, I USED THIS OPTION!)

A note of thanks to a bloggy friend, MieVee for highlighting the differences between these 2 options. I'm using the 2nd option  based on this tutorial after MieVee's tips and we'll see how it works out when my next post is up!

Of course, the final step is to "Like" your own fan page and then start spreading the news that you have your own Facebook page now!

For me, I added a new social icon on my blog sidebar so that you guys can just click on the button (2nd from left) to follow "I'm a full-time mummy Fan Page".

Social Icons

Hope the above tutorials help!

Now come and start liking "I'm a full-time mummy Fan Page" already!

See you in Facebook! 

I'm a full-time mummy