A 16 month old Ben...

~ Posted on Monday, July 5, 2010 at 2:25 PM ~

Ben turned 16 months old yesterday and based on Baby Center's milestones for 16 months old toddler, I checked it against Ben and here are my observations:

Excerpts from Baby Center post:

"Your toddler is still likely to explore her surroundings the way she has for the last few months — grabbing random objects, inspecting them closely, putting them to her mouth, banging them on the floor. But you'll also notice that she likes to challenge her physical limits. She knows she can walk, so she wants to try to carry a heavy load, like a box of blocks, while she's at it. She's confident that she can climb up onto the sofa, so she'll want to push a chair to the kitchen counter to climb higher and investigate what's up on the counter tops. If you haven't already done so, now it is essential that you childproof your home. The kitchen can be a particularly dangerous spot, so get into the habit of cooking on the back burners of the stove, turning pot handles inward and out of reach of groping hands, and locking up any dangerous cleaning products and medicines rather than leaving them out in the open."

My observation: Hey, Ben doesn't need to wait til he turns 16 months old to have all this grand ambitions. He has been climbing stuff and getting real adventurous since he started walking at 1 year old! Just take a look at the pictures below:

Scary right? This is one of the pictures in my 'caused-heart-attack-to-mummy' album of all the pictures I took of Ben. He actually stood next to the table, climb onto our bed (mattress on the floor, we took off the bed frame when Ben started to crawl long ago) then leaned over to the table, pushed himself up, using his elbows and legs, he managed to crawl up and climb onto the table. My spiderboy! And picture below was taken few days ago during our church service on Sunday where Ben actually carried the ride-on toy himself...


"Your 16-month-old is becoming more adept at using her hands and fingers. She may be able to stack two or three blocks into a tower, and will delight in immediately knocking it down. When you read books, she'll insist on turning the pages for you, and by now may be capable of turning one or two pages at a time instead of simply flipping from front to back. If you hand her a crayon, she'll know exactly what to do with it, but will probably scribble on anything that's in front of her — books, furniture, and walls included — so "coloring" is an activity that you'll probably want to monitor closely. She may even be able to insert a round block into the proper hole on a board with various shapes."

My observation: Every morning, Ben will hand carry (sometimes hug) the big bag containing 100 pieces of Mega Blocks over to our bed (Ben co-sleeps with us btw) and demanded one of us to play with him. So far, Ben can stack 1-2 blocks but then he is still at the stage of knocking things down.

And also sitting on the blocks that I built for him.

I have yet to get Ben to do coloring although he did enjoyed scrawling over the book and paper with color pencils when we were over at our friend's house few weeks ago to visit them and their daughter (about 2 months plus older than Ben).

"Your toddler is ready to learn to say "the magic words" — please and thank you — at least some of the time. You don't have to push him to say them in every instance — he's noticing when other people use them and the pleased reactions of grownups when children use them."

My observation: Oh well, Ben's vocabulary so far consists of 'papa', 'mama', 'nen-nen' (for my breastmilk), 'mam-mam' (for eating), 'ter-ter' (for water), 'tah-tah' (for dog), 'birh-birh' (for bird) and the rest are pretty much on hand signals and sign and body languages still. He does understand what we told and ask him to do. I guess it doesn't hurt to try saying and teaching him to say 'please' and 'thank you' even though he is not talking much yet.

Oh well, that's about it for now. I can't believe my little boy is 16 months old now! And did I mention that I'm still breastfeeding him? Cool

Why I Left Blogger...

~ Posted on Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 1:30 PM ~

Now that I have slowly settled down with my own domain, let me tell you why I left Blogger...

Image taken from Google search

(*Image taken from Google search)

Don't get me wrong... I really, really love Blogger! I love the fact that it is so easy for me to draft and schedule my post(s), how their widgets interconnect and so easy for me to set up, the various free themes and templates I can use (well, I only stuck to the one and only I found when I started blogging after quitting my IT job to be a SAHM). I love how easy it is to just sign up and follow other awesome peoples' blogs and read their new posts in my dashboard.

Anyhooo, back to this topic. I was on my usual blog hopping routine when I stumbled into this post and I read on. To be honest, prior to that I've been toying with the idea of having my own domain, not because of stumbling into that post, but more into having my own blog identity. And also getting stressed seeing the long URL of my blogger blog (http://imafulltimemummy.blogspot.com/), I thought that the time is ripe for me to get my own domain, shorten up the URL and make it nice and simple. And then I came across that post. And it made me even more determined to have my own domain and leave Blogger.

Below are the excerpts from the post:

"If you're a "deal blogger" or "frugal blogger", and you like blogging, you need to move your blog. Now. Blogger has an ineffective system for finding and removing spam blogs, and bloggers are suffering as a result. It's not just deal bloggers, either. Visit Blogger's help desk and you'll see post after post after post from bloggers of all sorts with the same issue.
What's happening? Blogger's spam-seeking bots spider its blogs looking for offenders. Blogger doesn't give any specifics about how the bots "find" them, but my theory is that it looks for words that turn up commonly in spam blogs--words like "free" and "sale" and "cheap". Another theory is that Blogger's bots look for blogs by the same user which link to each other. When the bots find a potential spam blog, the blog is locked or, as seems to be more common lately, deleted without a human ever reviewing the blog to see if the bot's judgment is accurate.

Ok, I am not a deal or frugal blogger. But I love love love blogging. It is one of the activity that keeps me sane after taking care of a mischievous and super curious toddler. It keeps me busy when my toddler is taking his day time naps. It keeps me connected to the outside world. It keeps me intriqued to know more on what's happening outside the 4 walls in my home. And I've also developed a new passion which is to do product reviews. I started with book reviews cos I love reading, and then I branch out to reviewing household and baby products and life is good! It keeps me active on the mind and body!

Then read on the next excerpt from the same post:

"Can it happen to you? Sure it can, especially if you use words like "free" and "sale" a lot in your blog."

Oh wow... since I started doing product reviews, I do put in the words "free", "giveaway" and so on. I am at risk here! I don't want to wake up one morning and found out I was locked out of my own blog. The blog that I labored on passionately since I became a SAHM in June 2009. The blog which I nurtured, decorated and beautify in every possible ways. The blog which I defended and protected like a strict mother hen against those blogstalkers who easily steals my posts ideas, blog design and widgets. The blog which helps me made new bloggy friends all over the world. Of course, maybe I'm overreacting here. I mean, there are gazillions of blogger blogs out on the Net, why am I so worried? It wouldn't happen to me. Yes, this is what we always think when we see bad stuff happening to other people. But again, like I said, I have been toying with the idea of having my own domain, so why not?

Of course, I do surf and searched more posts with regards to the stories of peoples' blogs being shut down without notice and the more I read, the more worried I got. So, the rest is history, here we are, at my new blog domain and so far, I've been pretty happy and satisfied with it. Of course, it gets really tiring and draining during the migration phase (handled by hubby since he's more knowledgeable in programming and scripting all this stuff) and the designing part is done by myself - in order to save $ hiring a web designer to design my new blog.

But I guess, with my own domain now hosting on our own server, I get the total control on what's going to happen to my blog (other than the part of the hosting server being down for maintenance, most of the time there won't be any issue of my blog being down), I don't have to be worried that my blog will get deleted (unless I've got itchy fingers and accidentally remove something while tweaking with my blog hahaha).

There you go... if you have any further questions you'd like me to explain more, please drop me a comment, I'll try my best to answer and share my experience with you guys! :)

Home Sweet Home!

~ Posted on Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 1:11 AM ~

... is what my blog would say! My blog has finally found its own home! Cool


After the process of acquiring my own domain (http://www.imafulltimemummy.com/) since 11th June 2010, I have immediately proceeded to design my new blog layout and settings. There are tons of things to take care of, such as:

* Hosting - where should I host my own blog domain now? Wordpress? Etc?

* Blog Design - how do I want my blog to look like now? Do I use back the previous design or do from scratch?

* Blog Identity (header/banner, buttons, signatures, gravatar etc) - depends on my blog design... if I use back my blogspot design, then everything pretty much remains the same...

* Migration of data - what about my almost 350 posts since I started blogging in June last year? Not to mention over 2000+ comments received on my blog? Do I leave it in blogspot or I move it over to my new domain?

* Activities - What about my current blogging activities in http://imafulltimemummy.blogspot.com/?

* Followers - What about my current followers? How do I migrate them over?

Well, anyway, after much considerations and some wishy-washy-indecisive-do and redo process, I have decided to:

* Hosting - go for something other than Wordpress.. I am not a fan of Wordpress actually...

* Blog Design - refer to one of the template from BlogEngine (*thanks to Magnus Jepson for his template!) and fine tune it myself based on my own liking... The reason why I decided NOT to use back my previous template in http://imafulltimemummy.blogspot.com/ is because of my blog identity. I want it to be unique and hence decided to not reuse the template in my blogspot theme.

* Blog Identity (header/banner, buttons, signatures, gravatar etc) - Since I decided to do my own blog design, everything has to be designed and customised from scratch! Blog headers, all the sidebar titles, my new blog signature, gravatar, new blog buttons, new blog meme etc... Please excuse the simple design as I do not have any experience in graphic designs and I do all this using Microsoft Paint & Powerpoint softwares but I do love it myself so I guess you guys have to just bear with the ugliness of them OK?

* Migration of data - As much as it saddens me to leave everything as it is in my old blogspot blog, I made this decision mainly because I want to start everything fresh... I mean, I finally have my OWN BLOG DOMAIN! So I decided to leave all the old posts and comments as it is (even though I did initially migrated all of them over to BlogEngine for my testing in this new domain). Oh, another reason is most of the images in my http://imafulltimemummy.blogspot.com/ are watermarked as http://imafulltimemummy.blogspot.com/. "Bad move", says my husband... Yeap... how would I know I would one day decided to have my own blog domain and be super strict and possesive with my own images??!!!

* Activities - As for current blogging activities in http://imafulltimemummy.blogspot.com/, I have to temporarily reduce and even stop posting some new stuff in the blog (need to keep those new ideas in my new blog ehem ehem!) and just be contented with blog hopping while I rushed up the development of this my own blog domain. I also have a giveaway running in my blogspot which will ends on 30th June 2010, so I figured it'd be best if I announce the winner here later ...

* Followers - As for moving over my followers, I did some searching on the Net and found some tutorials to guide me along, but as of now, I'm still tinkering around as not very good in web scripting for this... thank God hubby managed to set up the Google Friend Connect widget for me!

Of course, I do get worried with things like:

  • Will my own blog domain be as awesome as my older blog in http://imafulltimemummy.blogspot.com/? Undecided
  • Do the images for my own blog domain looks nice? Undecided (You have NO idea how much time I spent designing and redo, screen capture, cut and paste, upload and delete all those images you see in this blog now!) Oh well, to save myself from spending $$$ in getting a web designer or purchasing those ready made or customised blog templates and images on the Net, I will not regret this decision! Tongue out
  • Will my own blog domain be getting back its regular bloggy friends and visitors or am I going to be the only one reading my own blog domain now? Cry

Oh well, now all that is history... I've gotta move forward.

Today is a brand new day for me... and definitely for my blog.

Finally I don't have to be in fear of 'squatting' over blogspot (free thing doesn't mean its good... I'll explain more on this later...)

I've got to get down to doing some product reviews which are waiting for me for a while now and also posting some new developments on Ben... Till then, thank you for coming here and I really hope I will see you back here again!


p.s: If you don't mind, could you leave me your feedback about this blog? Anything that comes on your mind when you are here... like the design, structure and layout, the sidebar widgets, fonts, anything... Thanks, really appreciate it!