Putting On His Sandals...

~ Posted on Monday, July 19, 2010 at 12:32 AM ~

Look what I discovered a few days ago...

Yeap... At 16.5 months old, my little man is trying on his sandals...

It was a hand-me-down sandals from my ex-colleague (*Thanks Winnie!) but still looks brand new! Anyway, I kept it for sometime now cos' I thought Ben is not ready for it yet. I mean, he does wear his shoes (Velcro type) when we bring him for walking or when we were out during our family outing but Ben has never try on a sandals. One that he has to slip his own foot into it and press with his toes to keep the sandals from sliding or coming off his foot.

A milestone I would say!

I just stood behind and let him fiddle around with the sandals..

I wanted to see whether he can figure out which is for left foot and which is for right foot. Hehehe...

Obviously, my son is very intrigued with this new sensation and discovery...

Else he would be running off elsewhere playing other things instead of still standing there trying to put on the sandals...

When he managed to put on one of the sandal, he lifted up his foot to examine it.

It's like he's wondering what is this new 'toy' on his foot...

Before I managed to compliment and praise him for what he did, he gave me his other sandal.

And then he limped off with the sandal which is still on his other foot and continued playing with his other toys.

The day after this incident, Ben is pretty much still comfortable with wearing only one of the sandal. My theory is he felt more secured and safe if one of his foot can still touch and feels the ground/floor, hence the reason why he only wore one of the sandal.

But after a few more tries and 1 more day passed, Ben got used to wearing the sandals, and voila!

Ben wearing the sandals correctly and walking around at our porch.

Now if we mentioned 'Let's go! Get your sandals', he'll run off and looks for his sandals and quickly put it on so that he can go out with us.


** Read: Psalm 86:11, Proverbs 4:12

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Awww this is super cute... and the Sandals look so goo don him!!

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aww, i'm so envious! jackjack, at age 2.7 yrs old, has yet to wear his sandals. we have bought so many different types (with/without straps, slip-on types) but nothing worked. right now, what he's using are the one with velcro straps.

this is a milestone, indeed. i hope my son goes thru this milestone, too, very soon.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Ruth!
Yeah, the sandals do look good on Ben! Laughing Thanks for dropping in btw! Smile

Hey Cheri!
Awww... don't need to be jealous. Kids develop at their own pace. I can't say the same for Ben's speech development. My friends' kids are starting to talk at an age younger than Ben-that although is something I should be envious with, but when I think again, its better he doesn't talk so fast now (cos they said once the kids start talking, you can't shut them up hahahaha)


I love watching toddler try out new stuffs, so cute and funny at times. I used to get my sons new toys etc and just sit there and watch how they discover it. Miss those days because my eldest is 16 and youngest is 13. Not adorable anymore, instead very demanding and rebellious. Another chapter for me to concur.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Aries!
Hahah... but I think no matter at what age our kids are at, to us parents, they are always our baby right? Laughing

Karyn Climans

I still remember my son when he got his first pair of shoes. He was so proud of them. He walked around pointing at his shoes and announced to anyone who listened, "shoes"! Precious memories.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Karyn!
Thanks for visiting and for your comment! Yes, all these are such precious memories! Laughing

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