Natural Age of Weaning is Between 2.5 to 7 Years!

~ Posted on Friday, August 20, 2010 at 9:30 AM ~

According to this article I read, the natural age of weaning is to be between two-and-a-half and seven years.

Yeap! You read that right!

Between two-and-a-half and seven years!

My record as of today, is 17 months and 3 weeks+.

Read the excerpts below which I took from the same article:

Anthropologists estimate the natural age of weaning to be between two-and-a-half and seven years, based on developmental factors and with comparisons with other mammals. According to the World Health Organisation, the worldwide average for weaning is four-and-a-half years.

Many mums are told their milk doesn't have any goodness once their baby is older. In reality, it's not possible for the nutrients in breastmilk to "switch off" once infants reach a certain age.

Breastfeeding a toddler can provide 31% of his daily energy needs, 38% of protein, 45% of vitamin A and 95% of vitamin C. Breastmilk is packed with unique antibodies for immune system development and there are many studies showing toddlers who are breastfed get sick far less often.

Many people feel that breastfeeding past a certain age will make kids overly dependent or clingy, but research has shown the opposite to be true. Children who form a secure attachment with their mother become more independent and can more easily form attachments with others.

Breastfeeding a toddler can make it easier for mums too. With a quick feed you can soothe a sore knee or a tantrum, or get a child off to sleep! Plus you'll reduce your risk of anaemia, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, breast and ovarian cancers.

It can sometimes be hard to imagine how you can breastfeed away from home with a toddler. But in reality it can be easier than feeding a small baby. Toddlers can go a lot longer between feeds. Even if you are out for a few hours you may not need to feed and, if you do, it can be very quick.


I just love the part "Breastfeeding a toddler can provide 31% of his daily energy needs, 38% of protein, 45% of vitamin A and 95% of vitamin C." That just makes me feel awfully good! Of course, I don't have a clue how much percentage is the nutrients in my breastmilk before I came across this article but it feels good knowing I'm still giving Ben all these wonderful and awesome goodies through my breastmilk!

And I definitely agree with "Breastmilk is packed with unique antibodies for immune system development and there are many studies showing toddlers who are breastfed get sick far less often." cos I can see how rare Ben gets sick (touch wood!) and even when he did fall sick, he recovers so quickly and there are times we didn't even notice what's wrong until he's almost on the way to recover fully.... this is generally because he is active all the time and doesn't show much signs of being sick at all.

I thank God for the ability to still produce breastmilk for Ben and that we are all healthy and happy!

Ben, mummy promise you,

I will breastfeed as long as you still wants it!

Oh, btw if you are free (if not, please spare a couple of minutes),

do read up on this really truly inspiring article on the power of breastmilk!

Happy weekend to all of you!

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Wow - 2 & 7 years! My first daughter self-weaned at 15 months when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter. I think I'll keep BFing until she's ready to stop but don't think I have it in me to go to age 7!

It is strange to me though when people are startled when I tell them I'm still BFing my 2nd - & she's only 11 months old!

Good for you for making it 17+ months!

MieVee @

Breastmilk is full of goodness indeed. My only reason to start weaning off at 14 months old is to plan for baby no. 2, especially when Vee is relying too much on suckling to sleep well at night. We are down to only the early morning feed, which is a precious moment for both of us. Guess I'd hang on to this remaining feed until he self-weans. Happy breastfeeding! Smile

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi lumpsonablog!
I don't think I want to make it past 3! And yeah, I did get weird looks from ppl when I told them I'm still BFing Ben... as if I'm an alien or something... sheeeshhh...

Hey MieVee!
Oh wow... I hope Vee is coping well with the weaning! How do you get Vee to sleep since he suckles too much to sleep?


I've written about the dissappearance of nutrients a while back. Can you believe a pediater told me that?

Thanks for sharing this great article, I shared it on my FB. You're not on Facebook, are you?

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi mamapoekie!
Wow that was horrible considering it came from a paed!!! I do have a Facebook account but it's for personal use. I don't think I can handle too many accounts at the moment! Thanks for sharing it out btw! Smile

MieVee @

Sleep has been the most challenging area for us until recently. Can you believe he fusses to suckle up to 10 times a night?!? He fusses every 45min to 1.5hr since 4 months old. We co-sleep before I turned crazy. Haha...

He was carried and bounced to sleep until 14 months old, 11kg, because I don't wish to nurse him to sleep. He just couldn't fall asleep by himself until a few months back.

He coped very well with day-weaning. After day-weaning, he started sleeping longer stretches at night. Now left with only 1 feed.

You may read our blog entries under "sleep" and "developmental milestones". It has been a long and hard journey getting him to sleep well, and we finally succeeded. Smile

I'm a full-time mummy

Oh wow...!! 10 times a night... That is crazy!
Since the 1st day we started co-sleeping, I just lie on my side, and nursed Ben to sleep - takes about 10 minutes more or less then once he doze off, I can do my own stuff (blogging and all) and if he fusses mid sleeping or move about, I'll nursed him in his sleep. Works since day 1 until now.
Glad to hear your weaning journey is on the road to success!


Hi! I'm new to ur blog! and happy here to knowing u! Smile love ur blog..., teach me a lot! I have breast feeding to my kids till 3years! ( for my 3 kids) but I dunno breast feeding is that GOOD! Smile my kids is having full breast feeding..., only start powder milk after 3 years old..., if I know early can feed till 7" I will...continue feed till 7", too bad I had already stop!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi eeling!

Thanks for following my blog! It's such a pleasure to know somebody else enjoys my blog (apart from myself hehehe, so vain hor?)

Wow! 3 years! Total respect! I am very pro breastfeeding, am currently at 22 months + now, I intend to go on as long as possible even if I got next baby... there's something called tandem nursing. When that time comes and if God willing, I will attempt that!

Thanks again for your support! Cheers!


Like all u bf mothers, I too get weird stares whenever I tell I'm still bf or bf my son in public nursing rooms. But I also get non bf moms who r turned off if I tell them the goodness of bf, as if they feel being judged for not doing it. I think it's everyone's own choice, I try always to motivate new moms to do it, and if they are successful, it's the best joy I get, coz I know it's gonna help their kid and themselves.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Leona!
I don't bother with what people look or stare when I go into the nursing rooms. I feel proud to still be able to bf my child and if people are uncomfortable with that, then they can look away lah... hahahahah...

However I do get some weird and not so positive reactions from people around me nowadays when they found out I'm still breastfeeding during my pregnancy but again, I don't really bother with what they react or say ;P

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