Why You Must Join My Facebook Page?

~ Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 10:57 AM ~

I've been regularly updating things I found on the Net into my (aka I'm a full-time mummy) Facebook page lately and the reasons are:

* All updates on my Facebook page automatically gets tweeted

* I can't possibly write a new post for each and every amazing articles I came across the Net, so posting those links on my Facebook page will at least expose you guys to these sites

* You get to respond or comment on my updates faster

* I'm on Facebook more often!

Below is the recent snapshot of what's on my Facebook page

The stuff that I normally post on to my Facebook page are:

* Latest blog posts (automatically done by NetworkedBlogs)

* Awesome and inspiring news article on all subjects that catches my attention-topics of breastfeeding, nursing, baby, toddler and etc etc

* Latest videos on My Youtube channel

* Inspiring and motivational quotes to brighten up your day!

* Pictures of giveaways on my blog

* Catchy songs or videos to entertain yourself or your little ones!

* More to come... (as and when there are new things which I think deserves a good read!)

So guys, come on and click the "Like" button at I'm a full-time mummy Facebook page and start enjoying the awesome discoveries!

Oh by the way, do let me know your feedback on my Facebook page, if there's anything else I should do/change! Thanks!

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