And Then I Panicked...

~ Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 10:48 AM ~

Sometime last year hubby was doing some spring cleaning and found my wedding ring! My precious precious diamond wedding ring!!!

A picture of my wedding ring taken during ROM (registration of marriage) in 7th Nov 07'

I have long forgotten where I kept it cos I took it off (no, I am not divorcing hubby, and no, we're not fighting) somewhere around my 7th month pregnancy.

Talking about how I took off my wedding ring - hahaha.. brings back started out like this..

Date: Somewhere around my 7th month pregnancy, which is January 2009

Time: Wee hours in the morning, around 2-3am

Venue: On our bed.


What happened was, I was lying on the bed, thinking how long will it be before my baby is going to come out and how will he look like and then my thoughts wandered off to things like, my tummy is getting heavier... the nerve pain on my left foot is getting more frequent lately, and later on according to my colleagues, I will start to bloat off and my feet will swell up.

Then I looked at my ring and I thought "Oh crap. If I swell up and then I can't take off this ring what happened when I keep swelling up?!" Then my ever imaginative brain started to conjure up images of my body all swollen up and I'm on the labour ward and my hands and fingers are all swollen up and red because the ring is too tight to be taken off and the doctors said they need to saw off my finger to take out the ring so that my blood circulation will not be restricted anymore... and I quickly get off the bed and went to the toilet.

And started taking off my ring. That's when my sh*tty problem began. I managed to pull it down by 1cm and then it got stuck. I took a deep breath and told myself, OK, we'll try again tomorrow. So I pushed the ring back to its original position and it wouldn't budge. Crap... super crapola...

What started as an innocent (and stupid horror imagination) act to take off the ring turns into a frenzy of pulling up and down the ring - it lasted for about half an hour, of which by then my ring finger has turned red and sore.  And then I really panicked cos the ring will not move and my finger is really starting to swell. I tried the hand wash, the shampoo, the bath lotion, my hand lotion, nothing works... crapppppppp!!!!

So, I washed my hand, walked to hubby who is already in la-la-land long long ago.. and woke him up. Imagine if you are my hubby, who is deep in sleep and was nudged off awaking to a figure with long shouldered length hair standing right next to you and the figure is flashing her hand to you without saying anything.. hahahaha... hubby jumped up and said what's wrong, why am I standing there and waving my hand.

So I relate the whole incident to him and asked him to help me take off the ring, or at least push it back down to its position. Then the laser show began... I mean, his laser mouth... 'Why you take off the ring for?" "Why don't you tell people when you do this type of thing?" "See, your finger swollen up if no blood circulation affect baby how?!!!!" "What are you thinking!!!!"

Gaaaaaaaa.... after about an hour of massaging my finger with baby oil, the swell reduces a bit, enough for hubby to push the ring back to its position. Then he told me to go to sleep, don't do any funny thing already. Wait till the swell subsides, then slowly try again.

The next day at work, my finger is all red and you can practically see the area where we tried to move the ring up and down... but every now and then I will be trying to shift the ring around, trying to get it off. Finally almost near afternoon at work, I managed to take off the ring! Woohoooo!!! When I got home, I kept that ring in a pouch which hubby found today and placed into a proper jewelry box for me!

I won't be wearing the ring for now, scared it might scratch Ben... so it's gonna stay in the jewelry box for now...

(* Note: I'm reposting this from my old blog for this week's Writer's Workshop meme)

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Oh isn't it funny the things a pregnant mind will tell you!

Glad they didn't have to cut off your finger!


I too had my fingers swell up with my recent #3 pregnancy. I too removed my wedding band around my 7/8th month but place it in my jewelery box. The last two pregnancies I didn't swell up as much.
Glad that you found your wedding ring.
I recently put my wedding band back on after Princess was born two weeks ago. It can slip in but will definitely be difficult to take out as I've yet to "shrink" back to ideal size.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Erin!
Thanks for hopping over and commenting! Yeah, I am so happy I don't have to amputate my ring finger to take out the ring  Tong

Hi Dominique!
Oh wow! What a coincidence! I don't think I'll be wearing the ring for now as it needs to be polished after some time being locked up in the jewelry box.. plus I'm also worried it might scratch my boy so, yeah, it's definitely staying in the box for now. Thanks for hopping over and commenting!


I wouldn't wear either of my rings when pregnant and I had also taken off another ring I always wear a tiny little antique ring from my grandmother's sweet 16. I misplaced it for two years and one morning Iw ent down to do some laundry and there it was on the floor next to the washer??? I don't know how I pulled that one off but, I'm pretty darn lucky I'd say. I now take all diamonds off before bed and place them neatly on my glass ring holder. Glad you got it off the pregnant mind is far to imganitive. Happy Thursday!

Soccer Mom

Ha...funny! I swear we think of the funniest things when we're pregnant, especially at night. I didn't wear my diamond ring for long while pregnant and removed my wedding band around the 7th month, too, because I was afraid they'd have to cut it off if I got too large Smile Visiting from Mama Kat's Smile


Last month I misplaced my wedding ring while I was bathing but thank God my mother-in-law found in in the shower and I got it back.
Thanks for sharing!
I'm your newest follower Smile

Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

Wow. Sure am glad you found it.  Wedding rings are so precious and carries all the priceless memories.

Same here.  I am not wearing my ring and not even wedding band except when I dress up to go out.  I am always afraid that I will scratch my girl.

Weekend is approaching.  Have a great Friday!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Firefly!
Wow! That was really lucky for you to be able to get back your grandma's ring! Happy Thursday to you too and thanks for visiting!

Hello Soccer Mom!
Oh well, see see we women think alike when pregnant since you also took off your ring at the same time... just that I took mine at the middle of the night.. and got myself into all this trouble! Tong Thanks for visiting btw!

Hello Tarunita!
So lucky that your MIL found your wedding ring! Thank you for the follow and hope to see you back in my blog sometime!

Hey Catheryn!
Yeah, this ring is precious cos we didn't take wedding pictures or have any wedding function at all, so it's like a treat for me for remembrance of our wedding la... Laughing You have a great weekend too!


Oh my!  I would have panicked and woken up my husband too.. :S  Glad it all worked out (and you didn't lose the ring anywhere - that's probably something I would have done!).

Smile Stopped in from Mama Kat's.

miki chua

oh.. let me tell u mine. i took off before i got bloated coz i'm afraid i will get bloated and cannot take it off after that. but after the delivery  few months later, when i got back into my pre-pregnancy weight, i went to wear it back. and it fits! i'm very happy lo~~ mana tau nite time, my fingers got bloated (i think was water retention or i'm still fat!) i can't take it off... i ended up like u.. red fingers the next day.. hahahha
until now, he's one i still dun dare to wear it..kakakak

I'm a full-time mummy

Hello undomestic!
Thank you for hopping over and commenting! Have a lovely weekend! Laughing

Hey Miki!
Hahahah... keep it safely la... I don't wear mine anymore, scared it might scratch Ben  Tong

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