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~ Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 5:40 PM ~

You have no idea how hard it is for us to keep this to ourself! I've been contacted by Nathalie from the Musebox a couple of weeks ago to do a review for her latest project, The Rattles, a lively band of furry, family-friendly critters who released their debut album, 'Rattle On' on August 17th.

Excerpt from Nathalie's email to me:

"With a fresh, modern fusion of classic rock and power pop, similar to The Beatles, They Might Be Giants, and The Monkees, this colorful quartet has set themselves apart from the average children's music group by creating a listening experience that parents and adults can enjoy as well. Similar to the music of Yo Gabba Gabba, this project is about creating music EVERYONE can groove out to!"

The moment I clicked on to the link given (sample 3 songs provided in The Rattles website), Ben just got down to dancing and shaking and nodding his head. I've never seen my boy reacted so quickly to a song!

Believe me, even just by listening to the 3 songs provided in The Rattles website are enough proof for us that this music album is totally awesome!


If you don't believe me, see for yourself by clicking the following thumbnails to view Youtube videos of Ben dancing to one of the songs.

Click here to view video

 Click here to view video

Pictures below are taken when I received the actual music CD from Nathalie for my full review. 

Ben checking out the album cover and brochure inside.

Picture from left to right: Back cover, CD cover and the "Made with Recycled Materials" symbol.

What I love about this music album?

* Ben gets down to dancing and grooving to the songs!

* The members in the band are a band of furry, family-friendly critters, all cutely illustrated

* The music video and sound is perfect for Ben at this age who loves fun, groovy and cartoonish stuff now!

* The music is not just for children. Even hubby and I are dancing along to the songs too!

* Their music CD is made of recycled materials! How eco friendly is that?!

* Our favorite songs: Rattle On, R-A-T-T-L-E-S, Lucky Sam's Banana Stand, Wavy Lane, Goodbye Yesterday.

You can purchase the album at:

But wait... did I mentioned I received another copy of the music CD for a giveaway to one of my lucky awesome blog reader/visitor?

Yup! You read that right!

Your awesome bloggy pal here has got the greenlight to hold a giveaway for a copy of The Rattles music CD!


First condition:

The giveaway copy of The Rattles music CD is with me now (all sealed nicely and beautifully), so I can only open up this giveaway to my blog readers and visitors with mailing adress in MALAYSIA only as I'm actually bearing the delivery charges myself.

Now, I repeat, this giveaway is only for people with mailing address in MALAYSIA.

Second condition:

Just leave me a comment in this post telling me "I DESERVE THIS MUSIC ALBUM BECAUSE...". Make sure your email address is valid so that I can contact you if you win! (Don't worry, only admin can view the email addresses and I don't have time to collect and sell your email addresses :P)

I will accept comments from now until 31st October 2010.

The lucky winner will be selected based on the best entry on why you think you deserve to win the giveaway music CD. If I find out your mailing address is not based in Malaysia, I have the right to pick another winner!

Simple right? One comment to me on why you deserved to win. No need to be my blog follower (althought that would be a sweet gesture), no need to do extra things for additional entries or whatsoever. And selection of 1 lucky winner is based on the best entry instead of random draw. So what are you waiting for? Go and think of an awesome reason for winning this and submit your comment in this post.

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Our whole family would like to give a note of thanks to Nathalie from the Musebox for this wonderful opportunity to review this fantastic album! You have no idea how much Ben loves dancing along to The Rattles's songs!

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with an actual The Rattles music CD to assist my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

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Because I also want my little-D to dancing away happily! My sons love song very much and i am sure that he will be happy to receive this as a gift! ^0^

Miki Chua

We deserve this music album because my son had always dance along with any music and he'll surely definitely love this album. Right now he's only having CDs without any pictures ~~ great give for his birthday too (30th Sep) ;P

Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs


My little Belle needs to be exposed to awesome & appropriate music like this and not just Justin Bieber's and Wonder Girls'!

p/s:  And if I am the lucky winner, you can save the postage charges Smile



Iggy loves the sound of music. He always swaying and nodding whenever he heard the musical sounds make by his toys. Mummy haven't found an appropriate songs for him yet.  Poor Iggy Frown  He definitely deserves better

Tracy Poh

I deserve this music album because my little Tricia has been singing to her musical mobile since she's 2 months. She loves music! This giveaway would help me to spend more quality time with her since I'll be away for work most of the time.


I deserve this music album because

We all know MJ (Michael Jackson) is very good at dancing.. And M & J of mine sure can groove... Better than MJ! Don't believe me? Gimme the CD I"LL get you VIP tickets to the M&J concert! Smile

Mayang Yusof

I think i deserve this copy of The Rattles music CD because, my little Brandon Idrus really loves to dance just like your little Ben ^_^..
so if your little Ben would gets down to dancing and grooving to the songs of this band heck i believed my little Brandon would do the same...  thank you Jenny-

Mommy Psedornna


my little boy, Bryan love to dance with songs! I am sure he likes the songs and the cartoon too!
I haven't listen to the songs yet, I am not sure will I like it as my little boy but my favourite part will be the CD is made of recycled materials.
I read to my little boy the story about "our wonderful earth" everynight. This is the story about how our earth gives us those wonderful resources and why&how should we REUSE, RECYCLE & REDUCE.
My hubby rolls his eyes everytime I read this story to my little boy. He said it is too early for him. For me, graduated from environmental sciences, this is the perfect time to get him usual with these 3Rs & save our earth.

Hahaha... I think that's all for now if not will become a grandmother story instead.

At last but not least, hope I can get the CD from you. Thanks Jenny ^_^

Mommy Psedornna

After I let my little boy listen to the 3 songs in website( Wow... He started to dance with the songs! Expecially the R-A-T-T-L-E-S & Rattle On! He likes it ^_^

Preslene Nair

I deserve this music album because the little miracle in me jiggles and moves along with the RATTLES. After 5 years of trying and now 7 months of bed rest this little miracle has come a long way and its such a pleasure to feel it moving in me. Its amazing how receptive it is to such music! I will definitely be playing this CD when its born so it can jiggle all its way tru toddlerhood! Smile

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