Yum Yum Muffins!

~ Posted on Friday, October 15, 2010 at 9:11 AM ~

Yeayyyy!! It has been over a month since mummy made blueberry muffins and I'm so happy she decided to make it again! Even though I've already had my breakfast, I immediately grabbed the muffins when mummy asked me whether I wanted to take a bite. Hey, I may be small but I can eat like a horse! One bite is not enough!

Ben eating blueberry muffins

I can't believe it's real!!

Ben eating blueberry muffins

Can't resist!! Must eat NOW!!

I refused to give back the muffin to mummy. Mummy only let me have 1 muffin. I ate it while watching some music videos on mummy's laptop.

Ben eating blueberry muffins

Yumyums! Can't stop licking my fingers!

Ben eating blueberry muffins

Ooppss... sorry for the mess...

The muffins are so super delicious this time! It's just perfect and I heard mummy telling daddy this is by far her best muffins ever! Me? I think the muffins mummy made are all delicious!

Mummy tried taking a close up shot of the muffins but hey, muffins are for eating! Not photographing! If anything, she should continue taking pictures of me instead of the muffins! It will all end up in my nice rounded tummy anyways...

Ben eating blueberry muffins

Mummy! This one is trying to run away!!!

This is the only nice close up shot mummy can get at one of the blueberry muffins...

Ben eating blueberry muffins

Isn't it gorgeous?!!

Mummy, not enough!!! Make it again, pleaseeeeeeeeeee....

With lots of love and sloppy kisses,

~ Benjamin...

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Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

Ben looking as yummylicious as the muffins!

TGIF!!! Have a good one Smile

Lisa~Korean American Mommy

Those muffins look perfect! I'd love some too. And your son is just to cute. Its the big eyes (=


I love this post and the pictures. Your son certainly looked like he enjoyed the muffins!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
Enjoy your trip!

Hi Lisa!
Thanks for the compliments! Smile

Hi Emily!
Glad you enjoyed this post! Have a nice day!

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