Learning To Walk...

~ Posted on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 12:47 AM ~

I stumbled upon this childhood picture of mine few weeks back...

Yeap, that's me alright... me with my fluffy yellow pom-poms hairband, standing in between my brother and my beloved mummy. This picture was taken at this gigantic football field in my mum's hometown. I can't remember much about this picture other than my mum brought us to the field and taught me how to walk.

Yeap... at that age (sorry can't recall how old I was in this picture), I am still not able to walk... hehehehe... traditional and pro-superstitions Chinese would rejoice at this slow milestone of mine cos they believe, the later a child learns to walk, the better their life would be in the future... Uh-huh...

I remember the bright sunny day and my cousins hanging around the football field with us, watching mum trying to get me to walk. Apparently, football field is a nice place for me to learn walking in case I fall down and the injury will be minimised (grass you see)

There's another picture which I can't find anymore, it shows mum's friend who was also present and trying to teach me to walk as well... hahah...

I can't remember much of the earlier childhood memories and I've tried asking my brother, no help there... This is one childhood memory that I will always treasure in my heart...

What about you? Any particular childhood memories that are very dear in your heart?

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Hey Jenny!  I saw you comment on another blog about deciding to leave a nice coushy job to stay home!  I did the same thing!  I can totally relate!  How long have you been home now?

Nensa Moon

Oww...Jenny, what a beautiful memory of your childhood...
I really impressed by a  believed of traditional chinese as you said.. the later a child learn to walk  then the child would have a better life in the future...hehe..
Thanks for sharing a very nice story!

Wishing you the best!


Oh, you look more like your mum. (As if I had met your dad, sorry keh keh keh) Well guess when something terrible happens during childhood, our memories go way back. If you have read my earlier post, I can still remember very clearly till today about what had happen when I was six. My dad pack his bags and left the family. Anyway, glad you can't remember any of yours because this proofs that you have a lovely,  nothing extraordinary childhood, which to me is good. Hope you have a great weekend ahead, smile always.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Melissa!
Thanks for hopping over! I became a SAHM in June 2009 when my boy turns 3 months old. Just served 1 month notice at work, during which hubby and MIL took turns taking care of my boy until I officially resigned. The longest and dreadful moment of my parenting life!

Hi Nensa!
Thanks for dropping by and glad you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely weekend!

Hi Aries!
Nah, I think I look more like my dad. Let me dig around my childhood photo albums and see if I can post up more pictures to show you guys. I'm abit paranoid of showing pictures of me now... have this weird phobia of people knowing too much about me hehehehe... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hope you have a lovely weekend!


I'm your newest follower, hope you stop by when you get a chanse Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Vanja!

Thanks for the follow. I'm already a follower to your blog prior to this Laughing

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