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~ Posted on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 6:41 AM ~

I recently read about this from a book and decided to share this with you guys. 

Put it simply, it means if your kiddo is learning ABCs with this method, he/she is creating unnecessary extra steps to remember them. Extra step in this case means, in order to learn and remember the letter A, they have to visualise or see the picture of an apple just so they can remember the letter 'A' or 'a'. Sample shown below:

Learning Alphabets

What the article tried to say is to teach our kiddos directly like this:

Learning Alphabets

I remembered going through the phonics song lessons and Jolly Phonics (taught in our kiddo's preschool) with our 1st and although the songs made it fun for kiddos to remember the letter sounds, I personally think now that it is creating unnecessary steps to remember if a child is being taught to recognise alphabets with the additional visual aids.

Teaching kiddos how to sound out the letters phonetically by using the phonics songs are fine with me but I think for alphabet recognition, it will be better to teach the simpler and direct method, which is just plainly showing the letters in uppercase and lowercase. I'm going to try the direct methods with our girls and see how it turns out.

Learning Alphabets

Do share your thoughts on this!

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