Sewing Project - Hand Towel

~ Posted on Friday, May 8, 2015 at 6:56 AM ~

I bought my first ever sewing macchine in April 2015, the Global Sewing Machine GSM-505. The first thing I tried to do using the sewing machine was to repair my hubby's torn pants and jeans, followed by my diaper bag and our toddler's rompers.

A few months earlier, I bought some bath towels and face towels in preparation to DIY something for our kiddos. I made the 1st one by hand and then I put the project on hold as I realised it would be so much better if done using a sewing machine and then I realised, I needed to learn some sewing skills!

So anyway, more on that project later. For this post, I'm just sharing my 1st mini sewing project, which is hand towels!

Sewing Project - Hand Towel

I have some remaining cloths from the face towel and decided to stitch up one end of it with color-coordinated ribbons as a hanger/hook. A very simple sewing project that gets me motivated to move on to tougher projects. From this mini project, I get to works out the kinks in my new sewing machine, how to thread faster, tried out different types of stitches, build up my sewing confidence and overcome my fear of using the sewing machine and more.

Sewing Project - Hand Towel

To end my post, I am very happy with my first mini project and hope to do more sewing stuff when time permits!

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