Here Comes Our Speech Tsunami!

~ Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 9:03 AM ~

Was reading this article from on how to get your toddler talking and this paragraph caught my attention:

"Up until now, having a conversation with your child has been a pretty one-sided affair. But look out! Here comes a speech tsunami. Between the ages of 2 and 3, kids start picking up words faster than you can say "chatterbox." Just check out the stats: at age 2, most children know 20 to 200 words; by age 3, that number soars to about 1,000."

Here comes a speech tsunami... What a fitting title for my post today!

Just the other day I was telling my brother in law that I read from an article somewhere that toddler around 19 months old should be speaking at least 50 words already and I'm not sure whether Ben's up to that count. On the same day later on, hubby and I counted and yeap,... it's more than 50 words hahahah (guilty! we are paranoid!)

Below are the list of things that Ben can say on daily basis (will update this whenever possible):

NOT SO CLEAR YET... (spoken in brackets)
Ant, Snail, Bear, Duck, Bird, Lizard, Turtle, Frog, Owl,
Dog (tah-tah), Cat (miao), Cow (mmm), Fish (sshhss), Tiger (tai), Spider (tah-tao),
Butterfly (tahtahtai), Octopus (popopus),
Porcupine (popopie), Elephant (eh-nyenye),
Dragon (dehgin),
Body Parts
Eye, Hair, Nose, Mouth, Cheek, Knee,
Forehead (phead), Toes (tos)
Pants, Shoes, Sock
Chair, Bed, Light,
Table (ble), Oven (ova), Fan (shhh with
wind sound), Fridge (fidge)
No-no-no (index finger shaking), Amen, Bye bye, Hi, Sure! Please, More,
Pou-pou (means carry in Chinese),
Thank you (tank), Pen (open)
 Up (ah)
Car, Bus,
 Motorbike (pa-pa-pak), Train (ten), Rocket (ket), Airplane (popopen), Bicycle (Tehtehteh), Tektor (tractor)
Egg, Nen-nen (my breastmilk), Cookie, milk, cheese,
Apple (ple), Banana (nanana), Orange (erange), Water (ter),Cheese (ceh), Nasi Lemak (mamamak), Orange Juice (jujuju), Tititi (spaghetti), Fek-fek (cornflakes),
Gep (grape)
daddy, mummy, Ko-ko,
Mama (for grandma)
Popu (Khau Foo for my brother),
Pak (Tai Pak for eldest uncle),
Poh (Yi-Poh for grand aunt), Thai (Poh-Thai for great grandmother)
Bubble, Clock, Ball, Book, Bag, Yoyo, Scissor, Kite, Light, Pump,
Computer (ter-ter-ter), Star (tarrr!), Dice (dai),
Moon (mum), Guitar (tar!), Robot (bot),
Rainbow (bow-bow), Towel (owel), Rocket (ket),
Tyre (aya), Drum (dum), Ladder (ader),
Umbrella (apapa), Thunder (tah-tor),Kan (coin),
Raining (neh-ning), Shadow (teh tow), pesho (petrol)

And he also understands what we said to him just that he's still learning to speak as of now. And those words he can't speak yet, he made up by giving us hand signals or even pointing to us until we get what he's trying to tell us! On top of the above spoken words, Ben is pretty good with showing us things such as:

* Ben pointing to alphabet items...

* Ben during his book reading time

* Ben dancing & humming to The Rattles song (part 1 & part 2)

* Ben's Hand Signals for us to replay the song!

* Ben showing how he prays and clap hands... (btw, Ben prays before his meals :D)

* Ben giving Elmo water to drink..

* Ben With His Awesome Money Sense......

* Ben will wash and dry his hands before and after his meals or whenever he sees us washing hands.

* Throwing whatever rubbish/scraps he found on the floor into the dustbin

* Ben holding his hands out with fingers wiggling downwards when asked how to do 'rain'. Just taught him once and he remembers!

* And the usual waving "Hi", goodbye, giving flying kisses, patting on the cheek, giving us his 'smelly' feet to smell, index finger to mouth with 'Shhh' for quiet, pointing to most of the facial parts when asked...
* Before Ben's meal times, I'll tell him to get ready his chair and he'll slowly pull/push his high chair over to the dining table where I usually feed him, sometimes he will also carry and place a piece of large paper on the floor we used to put on the floor for any food spills

* As for potty progress (we aren't into potty training officially yet), whenever we asked Ben whether he wants to use the potty, he will tell us 'no-no' or nod.

* Saying 'uh-oh' when something fell or when he saws on books things that fall down.

* Putting up his 2 hands on the side of his head to represent rabbit's long and droppy ears.

* Holding palms together (facing upwards) to represent reading bible.

* Immediately stop his tracks and walked slowly when asked to (I only do this when I caught him walking or sprinting too fast).

* Immediately looks for coinbox to put whatever coins he found around the house.

* On and off the water taps and put things back to its proper place when asked to.

* Can correctly identified and point up to 9 relatives in a family photo taken 6 years ago

Now back to talking, according to the same article from,

"Reading to your child is one of the best ways to help him start talking up a storm".

What a coincidence that I've also been trying to get more books and read more to him nowadays and I think it definitely helps.

I want to cultivate the reading habits in Ben (since I love reading!) and lately Ben's been bringing me his storybooks when he wants to 'read' them.

Sometimes when I'm too busy with my work, I saw Ben sitting on the bed or on the floor, flipping through the pages and every now and then, points something on the book to me while saying out loud the words like car, bird, lizard and so on.

Just a couple of months ago Ben was chatting up to a girl and now he's our speech tsunami! You should really check out my post about the conversations I had with Ben recently...

Such a nice phase to journey into now that we're beginning to really communicate and understand what Ben's been trying to tell us! And I suspect because of the easier communication between us, Ben's habits of banging his head (when he's frustrated or throwing tantrums) are getting lesser by the day! Hooray!

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Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

Wow.. that is really a TSUNAMI!

I like popopus Smile Cute !

Isabelle's water is AH-TER.  Aren't they good in manipulating all the tones and sounds?  Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
The things that children do... this morning Ben spilled some water onto my side of bed (I always put his sippy cup on the table next to my bed for him to get himself) and then he fusses non-stop. Couldn't understand what he wants and I was very sleepy and frustrated as well (it was 6-7am), in the end, hubby woke up, stood patiently next to Ben trying to decipher what he wanted, we found out, Ben wanted to take the table cloth next to my laptop to wipe the spilt water on my bed... sob sob.. what a good boy!

Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

Wow. That is a very kind, thoughtful and heartwarming thing he did there!  Sure you heart all melt like ice kena fire!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Ya, made me felt so awfully guilty for being angry and scolding him for making a fuss! Frown

Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

Don't be.  I am sure all parents went through this and our babies are very forgiving Smile


hopping over from iFellowship!  I love your blog!

I wrote about some cute things my son says today as well.

Have a great iFellowship Day!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn,
Hmm.. yeah, at this age, they are very forgiving and also forgetful! Laughing

Hi Penny!
Thanks for hopping over! And glad that you liked my blog! Smile You have a great iFellowship day too! Smile

Miki Chua

proud mummy~~ congrates u are a very capable mummy to teach him so much! i don't think i ever have the patience w my boy.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Miki!
Thanks thanks! You can too! Just read more and more and more and more books! Smile

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