Ben's New Pool!

~ Posted on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 3:06 PM ~

Whoaaa... check out who just got himself a new pool!

We were out grocery shopping at Tesco yesterday night and saw this cute little pool and decided to get it for Ben because:

* saves more water compared to me flooding the balcony (due to lesser space hehehe...)
* it's cheap (RM15 or less than USD5)
* cute and portable
* safer as Ben will be sitting in the pool instead of running around at the balcony

Since we couldn't find the air pump, hubby and I had to take turn to blow up the pool ourselves. Once it's done, we proceeded to bring it out to the balcony and give it a good rinse to clean it up before getting Ben to fill it up with water.

Check out the snapshots of Ben below...

Ben with his new pool

Testing the water with his leg...

Ben with his new pool

  Testing with his hands now...

Ben with his new pool

Showing me the star shape...

Ben with his new pool

Showing me another star shape...

Ben with his new pool

Splashing around in the pool!

Ben with his new pool

Choosing the toys to play with...

Ben with his new pool

Decided on the water sprinkler...

Ben with his new pool

Mummy soaks her feet too...

Ben with his new pool

Look at those chubby legs!

And then I proceeded to snap the view of Ben in the pool from the top...

Ben played in the pool for a long time and refused to get out! I had to promise him we'll play again later in the afternoon in order to get him out of the pool (it was getting windy outside so I thought better stop and bath Ben). My little man is fast asleep now as I'm typing this post. Guess he's real tired with all the playing hahaha...

What a nice way to enjoy the weekend, huh?

Here's wishing you guys a wonderful weekend too!

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Lisa~Korean American Mommy

Thats a great idea Jenny. Look how cute Ben is. I wouldn't want to get out either. He is just to cute!

Mama Hen

Oh goodness is that a cute pool! That is really fun! I hope you have a great Sunday my friend!

Mama Hen

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Lisa!
Thanks for the compliments! He is cute, which is why mummy relented and let him play again in the afternoon ;P

Hello Mama Hen!
Thanks! You have a great Sunday too!


That's awesome! How many hours did he play in there...must have been so many hours of enjoyment!


hey hey...

i really like the cute little smile your little man has... anyway, with his smile, i can see that he's really enjoying himself to the max.

Guess there will be more pictures coming up...


Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

The pool is cute and Ben look so adorable !  

Belle's 'pool' is her bathing tub. LOL! I hope to be able to take a pic of her 'wading' in her 'pool' someday soon Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Sandra!
Ben was in the pool for a pretty long time! Thanks for your comment! Smile

Hey Sheryl!
Thanks for your comment, glad to know you enjoyed this post and Ben's cheeky smile ;)

Hey Catheryn,
Go get the pool la, RM15 from Tesco. I've just started to teach Ben to lie down in the pool, of course with his neck on the sides (so he doesn't drown himself Tong) Very cute see him relaxing and splashing around!

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