Career Lesson - Moving On...

~ Posted on Monday, November 29, 2010 at 12:20 PM ~

I just want to share a quote and lesson to you folks out there who are still in the working world on what to do when it's time to move on to another working place...

"Leave in peace, not in pieces."
~ Author Unknown

Last time, whenever I made a decision to move to another workplace, I always remind myself with the quote above. Even to my ex-colleagues or students (I used to teach a batch of students on programming in my first IT job), I told them never ever to burn bridges should they decide to leave and I always leave them this quote above.

You never know when you need help from your ex-company / colleagues and so on. I've always made it a point to maintain relationships with my previous companies. Granted, I may not have a lot of experiences in moving around companies, throughout my 9 years of working in IT line, I've only changed jobs 3 times.

Days ago, I received a Letter of Demand from one of my previous companies stating that I need to settle an X amount of money in lieu of my short notice of resigning from the company. I got the shock of my life as:

#1: I tendered the resignation in February 2008 and it has been over 2 years, and only now I get this letter?!

#2: I've already paid up the amount in lieu for the short notice before I left.

#3: I even have a photocopy of the cheque I issued to the company together with the HR manager's signature acknowledging that they have received my payment.

#4: As my BFF pointed out to me via MSN (I chatted with her on this issue), the company will not let me go had I not pay up the outstanding amount and they definitely will not release my last salary as well.

#5: I'm a full-time mummy now.. a SAHM.. how the heck am I going to pay that money? (Believe me,  at one point, I even thought of starting Ben on kneading and stamping out cookies dough and entertaining thoughts of selling cookies to pay off the amount)

(*Image taken from Google search)

So anyway, back to this case, I tried calling the HR staff to clarify the situation (and to point out that they indeed are making mistake) but I could only get to their voice mail. Frustrated, I asked for help in Facebook. I had a large number of ex-colleagues who are on Facebook as well, and true enough, within minutes, one of the section heads replied asking me what's wrong. I shared with her what happened, she even tried to contact the HR staff for me and soon, I managed to contact the HR staff and in the end, clarified the whole situation.

The case has been closed, the HR staff sent me an email (as black and white) to acknowledge that they have indeed received my money years ago and requested for me to ignore the demand letter. I could make a big issue out of it (after all the emotional stress and trauma they put me through, of having to dig through my boxes of paperworks and documents to find back the photocopy of my payment slip and all with an active and curious toddler around) but again, this quote came to mind.

Do not burn bridges.
Leave in peace, not in pieces.

So, dear friends who are still in the working world, when you are in a situation where you are / about to / have decided to make a switch to another place, do consider this quote. You never know, one day a helping hand will come back to guide you when you need it the most!

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So glad the situation worked out! Yes definitely better to leave it at that.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Steph!
Yes! I'm so glad they finally admitted they made a blunder! Else, I really have to start baking and selling cookies to cough up the money! Tong


so glad that everything worked out!  I'm with you - I've always worked very hard to make sure I've left on good never know what could come around the next corner!

glad you enjoyed the pic of my baby & santa Smile


It's really a good advise and at the right time, as I just tender my resignation letter today.

Glad, it's just a misunderstanding!

God Bless

Eelynn @ Babies

It is good that you did proper filing. If I have the same problem, it would properly cause me a lot time to get it settle because I would not have those documents with me ^^"

"I really have to start baking and selling cookies to cough up the money!"
Baking cookies...well it may not be a bad idea Smile
Store name: Little Monster Cookies Factory
Slogan: Healthy delicious cookies for little monsters at home....

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Aurie!
Yes, praise God everything worked out fine!

Hi Pauline!
Wah! What a timely post from me, eh?! So, you hopping on to another place or going to be a SAHM?

Hello Eelynn!
Welcome to my humble blog & thanks for your comment and suggestion on my cookie store hahahaha!

Catheryn @ Pinkbibs

Wow.. lucky they admitted their own fault.  If not, you will have to dig out your golden box and get busy already.

It is so true about the quote about not burning bridges because we never know when will we need those bridges again Smile


Hi Jenny,

Being SAHM is not a choice at the moment. I'm joining another company which offers better working hours, close to home. That way, I'll make more time for my family .. Laughing

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn,
Ya... if they don't admit their mistake, you guys are going to see another 'Dear/To: Management of .....' post in my blog again hahahah... just kidding... my previous company is good, just that the staff too  efficient I guess (but 2 years too late to check on this Tong)

Hi Pauline!
A job which is closer to home and has better working hours is definitely way better! The reason I left the bank (mentioned in this post) is because I wanted to be closer to home and wanted a less stress/time consuming job.

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