Meal Time Routines...

~ Posted on Friday, November 26, 2010 at 9:08 AM ~

Everytime before Ben takes his meals, we always go through the following routines:

1. Ben will push his high chair towards the dining table.

2. We carry Ben up and put him in his high chair.

3. Ben put on the safety belt for his high chair by himself.

** Video above taken when Ben started learning to put on the high chair's safety belt by himself.

4. Get ready with Ben's food and drinks.

* (If eating out, Ben would be either waiting patiently for his food, or busy wiping the table or his high chair with a wet tissue or tissue paper)

5. Ben prays before he starts his meal.

It takes a while but it's worth the perseverance to follow through and keep up with the routines. It's satisfying when I see Ben doing all this during his meal times.

I'm not sure at what age a child supposed to do all this, but I feel good manners starts from young. In time when he's tall enough or when I'm confident he can manage it, I'm going to teach him to put his plate and utensils into the kitchen sink after meal times. (of course, I'm not going to make him wash it.. yet.. heheheh...)

So what about your child? What routines do you guys practise when it comes to meal times?

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Catheryn @ Pink Bibs


Ben is such a good boy! And you have certainly did a great job in training and guiding him Smile Bravo!

Yes I agree that there is no diehard rules of when to start teaching a child table manners but it is never too early to start Smile

Belle too have this habit of wiping her high chair tray or table with tissue after meals.  Sometimes I catch her picking up bread or biscuit crumbs off the table and put it inside her plate for me throw them away too. Smile


My little one 14 months, if able to choose, he is definately not willing to sit on baby chair, the condition will be very depends on his mood, sometimes he will bahave good whereby will play spoon and sit quietly let me have a nice meal...

Yesterday he kept on scream, cry when sit him on..dont know how to make him quiet Frown

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
Good on Belle to clear up the tables and put the crumbs for you to throw! Ben would do that too, but it'll be all over the house, the floor, everywhere, he saw whatever scraps on the floor, he picks it up and either pass to us or he throws it to the dustbin.

Hi Carmen!
Aiyo, what happen to your boy?


This is an excellent routine to follow.

At my house, the next step would be my Samuel attempting to stand up in his high chair. ;)



Miki Chua

wow.. Ben is such an angel... such a good boy..

i normally will put him on his dining chair for meal time. when we're dining out, he'll be standing up on the hair chair. i think he cannot sit still at 1 place for long...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Rachel!
Thanks for your comment! Have a nice day! Laughing

Hi Miki!
It takes lots of practice from young (when Ben started solids at 6 months old) to do this.


Aww that is too sweet. He has great hand eye coordination. I think kids can be taught so much more than what we think they can actually do. Nice work mama!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Lisa!

Awww... thanks for the compliments & encouragement! Smile

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