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~ Posted on Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 9:06 AM ~

This is my 4th post on sharing "My Two Cents Worth" throughout my blogging journey. In this post, I'm going to write about: Followers.

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Why do we need followers?

* To make more bloggy friends, and through them, hopefully can find out more on other people / countries cultures and so on.

* Helps with your blog statistics when you are pitching for some product reviews (as some companies only go for blog with bigger following)

* Wider network / coverage to spread news about giveaways and/or product reviews.

* Blog audience... meaning, at least you know there are other people reading your blogs too!

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How to get more followers?

* Regularly produce good written articles that can connect with your blog readers / visitors

* Join the many blog memes around the bloggy land (Check out my Tuesday meme post, these few memes helped me gained a lot of new followers!)

* Host a product giveaway

* Participate in a blog link swap (either through Facebook, Twitter and so on)

* Become guest post on another blog

* Leave comments (real not spam please) on other people's blogs and hopefully they will return the favor and in time form a bloggy friendship and become a follower

* Make sure your follower buttons are easily accesible and simple to subscribe

* Submit your blog URL to blog directories, Search Engines and so on

* Participate in other forums (some of my blog followers came from the Babycenter Forum which I regularly shared my experience and advice in the early days of becoming a SAHM)

So there you go... that's pretty much what I can squeeze out of my tired brain now on the topic of followers.

I've always treat my blog as if it is my child (ok, lower ranking than Ben of course!), and I think you should too! Nurture it, build it, have fun and make happy memories with it as how you would do with your child. It does bring joy to your heart! Feel free to leave me a comment if you would like to find out more on a certain topic. And do let me know your feedback and thoughts about this topic, will you? Until then, happy blogging!

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Interesting. Thank you for sharing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Traci66!

Thanks for hopping over and happy Thanksgiving to you & family too!

Jen M

Thanks for the post! Always looking for tips on how to increase followers. I've done everything except link swapping...
And thanks for following me back Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Jen M!
Glad you enjoyed this post! Smile

Snake Chia

inflation already, No more Two Cents worth, now is atlease Five Cents or Fifty Cents!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

It's a figure of speech la...  ;P

md kennedy

Really good points about the value of followers.  I wonder how you determine the value of each follower, though!

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