Celebrating The 2nd Anniversary of My 29th Birthday!

~ Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 8:45 AM ~

Phewwww what a day I had yesterday!!!

Just in case you don't know, I have just celebrated my 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday! Hehehehe.... alright, alright.. I've just turned 31 years old, I get it, I accept it! So anyway, what a great day it was!

To wake up at the sound of heavy rain pouring outside my house (I love, love, love rain!), and then seeing my precious boy still asleep in his toddler dream land and thanking God for a wonderful start for my special day!

And then hubby calling me on my mobile (he was out early to do his banking stuff) asking me what I would like to have for my birthday breakfast and my mind went blank for a moment... I told him I'd pretty much like to have McDonald's breakfast set if I can hehehehe...

Alright, not a healthy choice for a preggy mum with a nursing toddler but hey, it's my birthday!

And then hubby took over the task of feeding Ben his breakfast, leaving me to enjoy my breakfast slowly while checking my Facebook and being greeted and wished by many many many friends and family members on my happy day!

Not fair! Ben never opened his mouth THIS wide when I feed him!
MIL came over and passed my red packet through Ben...

And after breakfast, we watched Ben's favorite movie at the moment (Disney's Cars) and we stopped halfway and I changed Ben into his swimsuit and let him play in his water pool as we've not been doing that for the past few days. Halfway playing, I heard Ben saying 'cooking' and 'boil boil' and then I realised, oh boy... my precious boy is imagining cooking play now! How cute!

Boiling water for mummy...

After sometime playing, Ben helped me cleared the toys and drained the water in the pool. Then I bathed him and it's almost 1pm by then. I got ready his lunch and he happily sat on his pink walker (which we bade farewell sometime ago but ended up still using it as his eating chair in our room hahahah)

Ben munching on biscuits, banana and 2 slices of cheese

And then he insisted in feeding himself the yummy yogurt... just look at his face... yikes!

After a while, it's time for his daytime nap and to my surprise, my precious boy gave me a hug....! Awwww.... sweetness!!

Awww... what a nice birthday gift from my boy!

Ben woke up around 5pm and I gave him some snacks for his tea time break. He had 4 small bananas and happily poked the banana slices and fed himself while watching a Doraemon movie.

Then hubby got home from his errands and we got ready to go out for dinner. We already booked a table at this Japanese buffet restaurant, they were having this promo where customers who are having birthday on the day gets to eat for free! Woohooo! We walked around for abit before heading to the restaurant... need to prep up our stomaches for the big feast! Hahahaharr...

I like the paper placemat! An inspiring story I have read before...

A: Potato salad for Ben. It's very delicious!
B: 2 prawn tempura & 2 pieces of fried sweet potatoes for me!
C: A mixture of tempura, fish, wantons for hubby
D: Udon, Japanese tofu and fried rice for Ben

E: Japanese tofu, a prawn tempura, a crabstick, some fried vermicelli (yummy!) & some spaghetti for me...
F: Some papaya slices, a piece of green tea cake & strawberry cheese cake and 2 Konyaku jelly (check out Ben's finger!)
G: 4 scoops of ice cream~strawbery, corn, chocolate & yam flavors!
H: Soft porridge and some fries for me...

There are other dishes which I did not get to take photos of cos' I was away getting my 2nd, 3rd, 4th helpings hehehe... I didn't get to snap photos of hubby's double helpings of lamb shanks, the yummy Miso soup, the delicious Chawan Mushi and the few more scoops of ice creams and some few more pieces of cakes for me hehehehe...

Ben lost count of the number of jelly he had...

All in all, it was a great day and I truly enjoyed every moment of it! Again, to those wonderful people who take their time to wish me birthday, be it via SMS or Facebook messages, thank you again, and may God bless you & your family! I leave you all with this beautiful phrase to start your day with...

“The LORD bless you and keep you;
the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

Read: Numbers 6:24-26 (NIV)

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hahaha.......baru jer nak marah U.. apa pasal ko umur muda tapi sama sekoolah ngan aku...hahahaha

sebaik ngaku umur tu dah menginyak 31... hahaha,,

by the way.. I still 30 tahun yek.. sbb I kan muda dari u,.,.,.,.,.hahaha. untung lahir bulan doblas...hahaha


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Oh to truly be 29 again and I will be 32 soon....blaah

Carmen Ng

Happy birthday again to you... i really happy that you have a very lovely & considerate husband Smile i never get to enjoy any meal while my husband feed my little one... coz he never feed my boy except i really down with sick condition.

Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs


It sure sounds like a great birthday! Smile  You deserve nothing but the best!

May God continue to deliver many many joy to you and family through out the year ;)


Hey Happy Belated Birthday! I didn't know you were a March girl too. I just celebrated mine not too long ago..;)

It sounds like a blessed birthday! Wishing you many more joyful and blessed birthdays to come!

Diana @ Find Your Happiness

What a GREAT way to spend your 29th birthday's 2nd anniversary! Surround yourself with loved ones: I can't think of a better way.

Happy birthday!


hey Jenny,

happy birthday!! At first, I was confused for a while when you mentioned both 2nd anniversary and 31st birthay, haha.


Happy Birthday mommy Jenny. May you have a smooth pregnancy and stay happy always. *hugs*

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi everyone,

Thank you again for your birthday wishes! Smile


Happy Birthday Jenny!!  Woohoo!!  31 isn't too bad....I'm a bit ahead of you Smile

Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day!


Aiyak. Missed it. Happy Belated Birthday. May your your life as a SAHM not only bless Ben-Ben and hubby but every else through your blog too ;)
Gbu. xx

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
Thanks for the birthday wish! Smile

Hey Jocelyn!
Thank you, even though belated, still thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Smile

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