Daddy's 2nd DIY Playmat for Ben!

~ Posted on Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 9:42 AM ~

About 5 months back, I wrote a post about hubby's DIY playmat for Ben. Hubby actually made the entire playmat from cardboard and printed some pictures and designs with his color printer and I helped out with the cutting and some glueing (and the aftermath of fixing the playmat as well)

Now... hubby's back with his 2nd DIY playmat for Ben.... a racing track! This was of course inspired after we watched Cars 2 (Ben's 2nd movie!!) and since Ben is a real crazy fan of cars and all, what better time to come up with this huh?

Ben watching Cars 2 few days back...

Anyway, I thought I should blogged this up as it took hubby 2 black marker pens and an hour for him to DRAW the entire racing tracks... what a sacrifice right?!

Ben posing with his new toy!

Ben trying out the racing tracks with 2 of his many many many toys!  Noticed the 2 cars he's holding are red in color? Oh well, he kept saying it's 'Ah-ki-kim' (for Lightning McQueen)... cute cute!

* Image taken from Google search

So yeah, kudos to hubby again for his effort and hard work in this racing track!

So after this, maybe hubby can consider his 3rd DIY playmat to be train tracks since Ben is nuts about trains too! Hehehehe...

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Kudos to your hubby indeed!
That is a great idea. I might think of doing one for my kids. We were thinking of buying the Ikea playmate/carpet with the road tracks.


That's a great idea Smile  Ben looks like he loves it!!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Alison!
Thank you for the compliments!

Hey Germaine!
Oh yes, I was tempted to get the playmat from Ikea too, but a bit pricey and I figured more work to clean it and all... plus, DIY gives my hubby something to accomplish and feel good about hehehe...

Hey Aurie!
Thanks for your compliments! Ben loves it and plays with it everyday!!!!


Very sweet of your hubby. I'm sure he is ever willing. Seeing how Ben enjoys it is worth the while..Smile

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