Daddy's DIY Playmat for Ben!

~ Posted on Friday, April 1, 2011 at 3:34 PM ~

Whoaaa... Despite his hectic schedule, I'm impressed my hubby took his time to come up with this! Take a look...

Pictures sourced from Google and I don't know what other image sharing websites out there, printed using hubby's color printer onto recycled A4 papers.. I helped along with cutting out the roads, houses, trees, clouds, etc.

Yeap... hubby made the base out of the recycled cardboards in his office. And meticulously glued in those pictures I cut out earlier and he added in a tunnel and a bridge and also a garage for Ben to park his toy cars - all made from cardboards as well !

Ben loves it and wanted to include his tractor toy as well, but oh boy, that is too big for the playmat!

Ben enjoying the playmat and keep playing with the garage...

So kudos to my creative hubby for a good job done!

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Miki Chua

instead of using felt u use recycle paper eh? good idea...."like"


So cool! Great job!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Miki!
I still want to try the felt one!!!! Thanks for the 'like' anyway! ;)

Hi Ceemee,
Thanks for your compliment and for hopping by my blog!


Awesome!  What a great daddy!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi ThaiHoa!

Thanks for your compliments to my hubby! Smile

Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

Impressive!! Good job Ben's Daddy! Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!

Yeah, good job to daddy! Smile


this is cool, do u have the art work that we can print and use?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Leona!
I don't think my hubby kept the artwork print cos he just google for the images and print on the spot Smile

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