Pregnancy at month 5...

~ Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 8:42 AM ~

Ladies and gentlemen, we are cruising into the 5th month of my pregnancy now! Updates for this month since my previous status updates in pregnancy at month 4 are as follow:

#1: This baby is STILL a SPICY BABY!

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I'm still wolfing down spicy food at month number 5, so this nickname is going to stay for sometime...

#2: Maintaining increment of 1kg per month

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Latest gynae check-ups indicated I have gained an extra kg for this month, making it to 50kg now. I have always been a straight 45kg since I was 17 years old and I went back to this weight pretty fast after Ben was born probably due to me breastfeeding him.

#3: Gynae check-ups

We're continuing on our check-ups at the hospital where I gave birth to Ben 2 years ago.

Signage for NO formula, NO bottles, NO pacifier! Way to go!!

Apart from being a pro-natural birth hospital, I love this hospital because they are also PRO-breastfeeding! I snapped the picture above while waiting for the lunch time to be over and I'm very impressed with the signage - NO formula, NO bottles, NO pacifier! LOVE IT!

Anyway, back to the check up... this time, we found out it is wayyyyyy faster to have our appointments after lunch! Hubby's theory was most likely people take whole day off to go for their check-ups and they'd rather get everything done in the morning and enjoy the rest of the day, hence the wayyyyy less queue at the registration and waiting. This time, I didn't even have to queue to do my urine test and although we have to wait half an hour (lunch hour until 2pm and we arrived there at 1.30pm), I was the 1st one being called the moment the clock strikes 2pm.

And maybe because of the way lesser crowd after lunch time, our gynae really took his own sweet time to do our ultrasound scan and check every single thing and explained to us slowly and in details. (Not that he didn't do that during our last check-up but this time we don't feel we're holding the queue down or anything!)

During this round of check-up, we get to try out the 4D ultrasound machine and this is the picture taken of Spicy Baby at month 5:

The stringy stuff on the right are actually the umbilical cords...

We were kinda impressed and amazed with the 4D machine and can't contain our excitement of seeing Spicy Baby in a different light (as in clearer compared to the usual 2D scans...) The gynae said at this month, baby has yet to develop much fat so we can't see the chubby cheeks and fat much...

#4: Breastfeeding during pregnancy

I think few days ago my breastmilk production has been reduced to almost nothing. I tried squeezing them with my hands but nothing comes out but then again,  I did  the squeezing right after Ben nursed so I might not have anymore milk by then.

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So I'm still wondering whether my breastmilk factory is officially closed for now as Ben is still faithfully coming after my breasts to suckle before his daytime nap and sleep at night (he also nursed about once or twice during his sleep at night).

Maybe there is still milk, or maybe he's just suckling for comfort, but whatever it is, I will let him suckle as long as he wants. And I do hope that we can go for tandem nursing when the baby is born. And I'm wondering whether Ben will noticed when my colostrum starts to come back... hmmmmm....

#5: My belly itches like MAD!

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Seriously, it is VERY VERY ITCHY!!! And the more I scratch the itch, the nicer it feels, the more I wanted to scratch it, and then I looked down at my belly and saw the red scratches and sore burns... yikesssss! I think my belly is expanding to cater to the growing Spicy Baby and hence, the skin is trying to expand which causes the itchiness feeling. 

So there you go, updates as at 5 months pregnancy... have a blessed week and thank you for reading!

** P.S: Btw, our gynae did mentioned the gender of the baby in this month's check-up but until I see it with my own eyes and convinced of the findings, I will not reveal the gender yet and it shall remained to be unconfirmed results as of now... heheheh...

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Im 5 months along too!  Due August 21st with a little girl.  Our son is 17 months along.

I stopped nursing Noah 2 months ago for two reasons - reduction of milk was the first reason, but mainly because I had two very credible people make the case that the colostrum that you produce with your babies is CRUCIAL to their neurological development and unfortunately you can produce colostrum while continuing to nurse.

Ah....that was hard to stop.

And isn't the itchy tummy so irritating? Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Melanie,

According to the "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" book:
"Your toddler's consumption of colostrum during pregnancy will not affect your new baby's supply, since this milk is a practise milk & is not being stored up for the baby's use. Instead your body will make fresh colostrum for the newborn" ~ page 67

I so agree with you on the itchy tummy! Currently whenever I remembered, I will apply on J&J baby oil all over the itchy parts to relieve it temporarily...

Lynette Chua

Stop Scratching!!!
Unless u want a train track for ben to play with. Tong
I am very afraid of strech mark. And i know scratching it will causing it to worse. Good luck!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy


Very hard to stop! The more you scratch, the more siok you get!! Tong


Awe!! I'm dying to know!! Lol Smile

glad that you and the baby are doing well!

Miki Chua

ytd mid-nite without realising i was scratching.. the 1st things tat cross my mind is you! you had infected me..  but then... i see again.. there was this tiny mosquito bite.. so it wasn't u lah~~ hahaha...and.. nope mine isn't itchy yet *keep my finger cross*

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
Hahahah... that's for us to know and for you to find out! We'll know in the next month check-up Smile I just wanted to make sure it's 100% after I see it with my own eyes hehehehe...

Hey Miki!
Aiseh.. don't simply say I poison you! Hope you won't be itching anytime soon lah!


You have been awarded the versitile blog award... see my blog for details

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Oh thank you very much Christi for the award! It's such an honor to receive it!

Diana @ Find Your Happiness

I'm glad everything is progressing well and so great to see your baby in 4D!


Spicy baby might be a very sweaty baby just like my daughter last time you know. So try to limit a bit the spicy food..Smile

Wah! You are so slim one ah? 45 kg? It's so hard for me to go back to that already.

Aiyeee..your 4D scan. Isn't it exciting to see it? So cute.

You know I had itchy belly for both pregnancies. Really hated it. It drove me insane you know? It's not syok for me. Frown Try Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula For Dry, Itchy Skin Soothing Oil. Get the bottle that comes with spray. Really relieves me everytime I feel the itch.


BTW, can't wait to know the gender!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Diana!
Thank you and glad you enjoyed the 4D scan! Smile

Hey Carolyn!
Yes, I am super thin and very difficult to pile on weights unless when I'm pregnant... that too got scolded by gynae in first pregnancy cos didn't gain weight until 5th month onwards! Tong
As for the belly itch, I'm using J&J baby oil, the best so far for me, those Palmers and stuff doesn't work at all Frown
Btw, thank for commenting and we'll see next month whether can confirm the gender or not hehehe...


wow salute for wanting to do tandem nursing, I'm actually still nursing my 2 year old but wishing he will stop nursing by himself before I have no. 2, not that I'm pregnant yet. My son also nurses to sleep and wakes up once or twice to nurse at nights. Check out his site at

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Leona!
Oh well, I do hope I can go for tandem nursing if possible, but until then will breastfeed as long as we can, but I've been suspecting my milk factory is going to close one of this days already though that has not stopped my boy from coming to me for suckling still hahahah... Thanks for sharing your son's site, will check it out! Smile


Hahaha!! #5 reminded me of when my pregnant belly also itched like crazy!! And it felt SOOOO GOOOD to scratch it.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Mom2kiddos!
Yes! The more you scratch, the nicer it feels right? Right?! Tong

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