Pregnancy at month 9...

~ Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 8:48 AM ~

Oh man... I am soooooo NOT ready! I can't believe it! I'm down to the last month of my pregnancy now! Updates for this month since my previous status updates in pregnancy at month 8 are as follow:

#1: This baby is not so SPICY BABY anymore cos mummy's been snacking on sweet stuff lately!

Other than the occassional spicy food, I've been eating more  sweet stuff... like chocolates, cakes, doughnuts and stuff... yup.. CHOCOLATES definitely! And my latest craze was McDonald's Oreo McFlurry!

I hate sharing this with Ben... really... it's like my preciousssss...

#2: Weight Gain

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This month's weight is 57.15kg. Increase of 2kg from my last month visit.. luckily the doctor said since my pre-pregnancy weight was 46kg and I've so far gained 11.15kg, I'm still doing OK and should still be within the limit of delivering normally.

#3: Gynae check-ups

During this round of check-up, we are back to the 2D ultrasound machine. This month scanning is more to calculate the amount of amniotic fluid in my tummy. At one point, the doctor asked me a question which got me surprised...

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Doctor: So are you still drinking milk?

Me: (Oh crap... am I supposed to?) Err.... on and off...?

Hubby: She ah... she drinks more Oreo McFlurry (thank you very much for stabbing my back right in front of the doctor, my dear!)

Me: (need to immediately defend myself) Ermm... I thought McFlurry has milk inside also? Hehehe... ?

#4: Breastfeeding during pregnancy

Even though my breastmilk production has stopped since I was in my 5th month of pregnancy, Ben is still dry suckling from me. And nowadays, I take the chance to tell him that baby is coming soon and he will have to learn to share with baby later. Sometimes he ignores me, sometimes he will nod his head, sometimes he will tell me 'teach baby nen-nen?' (aka breastfeed)

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Again, I hope that we can go for tandem nursing when the baby is born and I hope that I could make tandem nursing works!

(*** NEW!) #5: My first leg cramp for this pregnancy!

* Image taken from Google search

New thing to report this month! At 9 months pregnant, at last I experienced my 1st leg cramp! Not that I'm happy with it but in a way, yes cos with Ben, I already started having leg cramps from 6th month onwards. And this time, the leg cramp is actually caused by my laziness... what happened was one fine morning, I woke up feeling cold and decided to just use my right leg to yank open my blanket (to cover Ben who's sleeping next to me as well) and then it happened!

A sudden shot of pain just came on and I screamed for hubby to help massaged my leg. He immediately hop over and massaged my leg. Needless to say, the cramp went off but the rest of the day left me feeling very tired - I think when I had the cramp, the energy in my whole body just went off together...

(*** NEW!) #6: Some differences compared to previous pregnancy

* Hubby said I don't have any stretch marks this round and before I could answer him, he goes on saying 'maybe cos with Ben you already stretched until no more space/skin to stretch' (thank you for your self ask, self answer question, dear!)

* I mentioned to hubby that I didn't notice any changes in my shoe size (I went from 6 to 8 and then back to 7 with Ben) and again, my smarty dearie went 'maybe cos it's already enlarged and elongated until max with Ben'.

* No heart burn experienced (yet) - yeay!!!


So there you go, updates as at 9 months pregnancy... and I'm still scheduled for fortnightly gynae check-ups for now... Pray for my smooth and safe delivery! Have a blessed week and thank you for reading!

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LoL at your hubby's witty remarks of stretch marks!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Merryn!
Oh please, don't encourage him by laughing over his remarks too!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs

And here's wishing you a smooth pregnancy all the way till Ms Spicy Baby comes out!

Your pregnancy sounds like an easy one.  You are one lucky Mommy!


You are so light for one in the last month of pregnancy. Last time at this stage I was 70 over kg leh. Glad to know all's going well. My hubby say that to me I tendang him already!


Do you watch what you eat? I did for my first pregnancy but second one I was more lenient already. Don't eat too much of sweet stuff, baby become hyper active how?Tong hehe. Wah 57.15kg. I sound like a hippo compared to you.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
Thank you, thank you!

Hey Germaine!
I am a very slim person so if I gained more than 15kg, I'll have to go for C-sect according to my gynae. And yes, since I could still karate kick at 9 months pregnancy, maybe I should tendang him for his remarks hor?!!  ;P

Hey Carolyn!
For this round of pregnancy, surprisingly I just eat whatever to my heart's content hahahaha... with Ben, I got scolded by gynae for not gaining weight fast enough, had to chug down full cream milk everyday!


Wow!  Hard to believe that you are a few weeks away Smile  So glad that all is going well {with the exception of the leg cramps!!} and that you are looking forward to meeting your little one!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
Yes, 1 month left! I'm not ready, not ready!!!! *nervous* Life is going to be different with a family of 4 huh?


You're almost due already! Leg cramps? I had them early on and heartburn too! Frown Good on you that you didn't experience heartburns. Smile Have a safe delivery!


Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Janie!
Thanks for your prayers!


Can you share the experience deliver in Putrajaya Hospital which under FPPS? does the nurse helpful? will they help you take care the baby after you deliver? how much is your delivery charge?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi piggy!
I'll email you with the reply when I'm free-er a bit later ok?

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