Top Ten Things I Wish I Could Do...

~ Posted on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 9:00 AM ~

I was being tagged in this meme by Carolyn, a bloggy friend I met not long ago and decided 'Why not, at least something to post in my blog... heheheh...'

Anyway, here goes my list in no particular order:

1. Be a WAHM

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I know this is not getting easier with my baby #2 coming in less than 2 months time but I do harbor (maybe one day when my children are all going to school) hopes of working from home (not hectic type of jobs of course!) while at the same time still be able to attend to the needs of my children.

It's not about earning the money (btw since last month, I'm starting to make use of my blog to earn me some $ and so far, God is so good to me!) or that we are in desperate financial crisis that I have to work or anything, but I guess it's more like to still want to make use of my brain and the feeling of generating my own income again (regardless amount)!

2. Go to Hong Kong again!

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I went to HK back in 2004 during a company trip and hubby went to HK in 2007 for a business trip. We were planning to go to HK together when we found out I was pregnant with Ben, then we decided to hold it off and wait till Ben is older enough to enjoy the trip. And now with Spicy Baby coming along, oh well... it'll be a few more years I guess... So Hong Kong, wait for me!!!

3. Really cook some awesome stuff!

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All my life, I have been lucky - no need to cook much (except for Ben, that too are not those difficult dishes to make at all). When my mum was still alive, she handles all the cooking. And when she passed away and I got married later, we stayed with my MIL and she handles the cooking (dinner time only), so I would really wish that I could one day, whip up some ingredients and cook some awesome stuff and surprised the heck out of everyone!

4. See my parents again...

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It's been 5 years for my dad and 4 years for my mum since they passed away... I always wish they could still be around today, to see me got married and settled down and having my own children. I'm sure they would adore Ben and Spicy Baby to death. But of course, I know God loves them more and they'll be happier up there with Him. And I trust we'll meet them again one day in heaven...

5. Parallel parking confidently

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Oh man... this is so embarrassing for me to admit but yes, I am horrible at parking car - parallel wise. I have no problem parking in one of those forward parking types where I just drove into the parking slot and be done with it. But at the sight of a parrallel parking slot, I will tremble and ermm... drove on... seriously... I am that lousy and terrified...

6. Go travel around the world!

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This is different from wanting to go to Hong Kong again cos HK is with family, while this travel around the world thing is kinda like a wish of mine... I want to go to Paris, Stockholm, Italy, Norway, those countries far far away, country style living, far away from the hustle and bustle of city living or just plain sit on a field enjoying the cool fresh air... ahhhhh...

7. Go back to one of those days during my childhood time and enjoy my kampung stay...

When I was young, my mum used to bring me back to her hometown whenever school holidays rolled around. I always enjoyed the trips (which can be 1 week to 1 month, depending on the duration of the holidays) cos I get to play with my cousins (5 of them), cycle around the village, catch fish, tadpoles and grasshoppers, play imaginary cooking (we actually go around the field and plucked out those cute looking plants and flowers and 'cook' them)

And every morning, I'd wake up at 8am and went to the morning market with my mum, and then had breakfast at this Chinese kopitiam with my grandma. We always sat at the same table, right behind the aunty who cooks the noodles and I'd never forget the yummylicious fishball noodle I had there. Never will I be able to find back the exact same good tasting noodle now...

8. Have superpower

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OK, this is of course far fetched and remains a dream for like ermm.. forever? Anyway, since the post is titled 'Top 10 things I wish I could do', of course I wish that I have superpower! What kinda power you ask? Oh well, I think I'll go for ability to heal things. I mean, wouldn't it be cool to be able to heal yourself or people around you whenever they fall sick? Of course, with great powers, come great responsibilities. I might have to end up having no time for myself or my family if word get around that there is this woman who can heal all sickness.

9. To be more outspoken and confident

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I am a shy person. Really, really shy at first time encounter. I'd smile and not say much unless asked but once you get to know me more, I'll be more talkative.

Just the other day while having dinner with my hubby and Ben at Sushi King, I was approached by this lady who said that she recognised me through Ben and asked whether I'm the lady from 'I'm a full-time mummy'. I had to be honest, I was a bit stunned at first (I'm really paranoid of people knowing too much details about me) and lots of scary thoughts was going through my mind then and I could only muster a weak smile and said 'Hi' back to the lady and gently shook her hand.

Hubby said I was acting kinda weird and that I didn't know how to handle my blog fans. I told him she's not my fan and that I'm not that popular and I think she's more popular than me! So, Farhana, if you're reading this post, please forgive me for my reactions when we met that day. I never intend to act all weird, it's just my nature to be really shy and paranoid. Hope you're not turned off or got freaked out with me...

10. (Finally!!!!) Leave a good legacy behind when I'm gone...

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Okay, I still have a chance to do this while I'm still alive now, but yes, I do want to be remembered for something good that I've done in someone's life when I'm gone. I don't want the 'good riddance!' or 'finally she's gone! it's about time!' kinda thing that people said when I die one day.

Phew... what a list... now that I'm done with mine, I want to tag the following people:

~ Aurie from Welcome to Our Good Life

~ Uncle Lee from A Moonlight Rendezvous

~ Germaine from mom2kiddos

~ Sumijelly from Sumijelly Weblog

~ Mrs. T from Mrs. T, Naturally

Let me know if you decide to play along and drop me the URL so that I can check out your top 10 lists too!

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Thanks for the tag. Mumsgather had already tagged me on this one. I'm sorry your parents are not here to see your little ones - I'm very fortunate that my parents are still around. On #9, I feel the same way too. I'm friendlier on my blog and would be a little awkward in real life. Luckily, nobody recognise me yet (or ever). Eh actually I can parallel park quite well.


First - thanks!!  I'd love to do this meme!!  How fun Smile

Second - TOTALLY with you on the parking.  In fact, we just had to have our new van repaired ($2300) because I freaked out trying to park and hit a delivery truck.  Sad, bu oh so true.


Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Germaine!
Thanks for playing along! Smile

Hey Aurie!
Oh wow, that is quite a big damage!! Hope you don't get traumatized from the incident!


Hey thanks for doing it. hehe. Wah how you earn through blogging? Can teach ah?

u know i went to HK while i was in my first trimester with Joseph. You should've gone anyway..Smile

no. 4, i totally understand. we have to take comforts in knowing that they are watching us from above with love..Smile

I was afraid of parallel parking long ago too. but after much practise, i'm not scared now. so practise makes perfect ok?

err..i'm also not an outspoken person. so pardon me, if i'm weird in real life ok? haha.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Carolyn,
Since June 12, I signed up for those adlinks website (go search Infolinks), it's like Google Adsense, but this type they will actually show some texts in your posts when they are relevant to their ads. It's not much but when ppl click on the links, you get 1cent, for me, it's better than Adsense (which is not moving much for me) and earning when not doing anything hahaha..

Another way is I'm into writing sponsored posts and hosting ads lately (2 so far). Sponsored posts is where companies pay for you to write up something about their products or their area, and then include some pictures or links to their website, it doesn't have to be glowing response to their products, just your honest feedback.

But I'm not doing this much already, gotta cut down with Spicy Baby coming along soon Smile


Thanks for sharing! but then  how to get into sponsored posts? lol. maybe i'm not famous like u..hehe.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Carolyn!
Hmm... maybe one day I should write a post on this huh? ;)


Hi Jenny!!

I read this post a whiiiile back, but I cant comment since I'm always using my cikai phone to browse my feeds Smile

ANYWAY, no worries about the Sushi King incident! You know what, although I felt inclined to say hi to you, I did hold back for a while too, because - well, it's just strange - It's not that we have met before or know each other. And yes, even for me, if some comes up to me and says "I saw your baby's picture somewhere n i recognize him!". Quite creepy, I agree. LOL! But ANYWAY, I did say hi, but I left quickly because I really dont want to disturb your family dinner Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Farhana!
Oh no worries, you're not disturbing our dinner at all. I'm just all weirded out that I got recognised! Tong

Uncle Lee

Hi Mummy, ha ha, can't help smiling over your parking....My wife used to before.
One reason I never allowed her to drive my car.....ha ha.
Very interesting posting. Okay, now we know.....
Love your humour.
Best regards.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Uncle Lee!

Glad you enjoyed this post! Tong

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