Toddler Meals (Aug 15 - 21)

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Pictures of meals are getting less since quite a number of the meals served to Ben have been featured in previous posts of toddler's meals. Continuing on with Ben's meals for August 15th to 21st...

15 August
Breakfast - Oats, 1 banana, cornflakes, a bottle of Vitagen
Lunch - Tuna, oats crackers, some rice and pork, a cup of diluted Ribena
Dinner - Japanese tofu, lotus, oats crackers, a pack of choc UHT milk

Toddler Meals
Top: Breakfast on 15th August
Right: Lunch on 15th August

Toddler Meals

16 August
Breakfast - Cheese omelette, a banana, a bottle of Vitagen, some diluted Ribena, some fried noodles
Lunch - Honey dew pudding, oats crackers with tuna dip
Tea - Crackers, little bit chocolate
Dinner - Oats, lotus, Japanese tofu, a pack of choc UHT milk

Breakfast on 16th August
Toddler Meals
Lunch on 16th August
Toddler Meals
Dinner on 16th August

17 August
Breakfast - Oats, lotus, a bottle of Vitagen
Lunch - Some pork bun, few bites of choc bun
Tea - Cornflakes, choc biscuits, choc UHT milk
Dinner - 2 Dorayaki buns, some Hokkien fried noodles

18 August
Breakfast - Half alphabet pasta with 1 slice of Cheddar cheese, some grapes, a bottle of vitagen
Lunch - 3 mini choc buns, honey dew pudding, some chicken rice
Dinner - 6 mini choc buns, some lotus, a pack of choc UHT milk, some papaya

Toddler Meals
Breakfast on 18 August

19 August
Breakfast - Oats, cornflakes, 1 apple (slice thinly), a bottle of Vitagen, some pork wantons
Lunch - Yogurt, some grapes
Tea - 1 mini choc bun, 1 egg tart
Dinner - Rice, square tofu, chicken, diluted Ribena
Supper - honey dew pudding

Toddler Meals
Breakfast on 19 August

20 August
Breakfast - Cheese omelette, fish slice, a bottle of Vitagen, half choc UHT milk
Lunch - Sushi King : Salmon skin, egg mayo, sushi rice, green tea ice cream, 1 mini blueberry cheese tart, half pandan slice cake
Tea - Lotus, soup, rice
Dinner - Lotus, soup, rice

Toddler Meals
Breakfast on 20 August

21 August
Breakfast - Soy sauced noodle with mushroom (made by MIL)
Lunch - Apple, some lotus, some choc chip cookies
Tea - 2 chocolate wafer sticks, cornflakes
Dinner -Rice, mushroom bits, tofu

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Wow you are a really very hard working mom. I don't remember doing all these for my kids when they were as young as your child... Smile kudos!!! Smile I hopped over from PC's blog and thought we could connect since we are all full-time moms!  Laughing

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi there mamabliss!
Thanks for dropping by my humble blog! Do keep in touch! Smile



Very interesting meals..
How old is your toddler? My boys are starting toddler food soon...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Helena!
Thanks for dropping by my humble blog! My boy is going to be 2.5 years old in 2 weeks time! Hope your boys' (oh my, you've got triplets!!!) journey towards solids will be smooth sailing!

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