Close Shop?

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 8:27 AM ~

While I was busy freaking out worrying about how the labor is going to be like for Spicy Baby this time, I hear this statement loads and loads of time:

'Wow! So Spicy Baby is a girl huh? One boy, one girl, can close shop now!'

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Wo-kayyyy.... and to that question, I normally just replied 'Let me see whether I can handle 2 kids on my hand or not...'

So, what about you?

At which point (as in how many children) do you decide:

"This is enough already, time to close shop!" ?


And with that, I leave you with this quote to ponder on...

A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on. ~ Carl Sanburg

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We aren't done yet after two Smile

Alison@Mama Wants This

It bothers me when people say things like, "Oh you have one boy and one girl, a 'complete set'." Children are not furniture, or cutlery, or chinaware, where you need a 'complete set'.

I think you know you're done, when you just know. And you'll know after you have the Spicy one. I only have one and I know I want one more. But I don't know about three. Yet.


Tell me about it - that's what I was hearing after having my 'set'. I would love to have maybe one more but my hubby a bit takut already. I leave it to God. Smile


I don't get angry when ppl say that coz I think they're just jealous..Tong Just want to say something to irritate us. Well, it's not affecting me at all..hehe. But I guess my shop's half closed Unless, 'accident' happens.


I wanted 2 boys when I got married and I was blessed with exactly 2 boys. I find it is not easy caring for a girl, just my opinion. Yes! Close Shop! 2 boys is what I want and enough, grateful for it. Happy parenting to you

Miki Chua

"set" or "no set" it really depends on how many "members" you want in that "set" and what are your "set" consist of. Tong

as for me i dun hv a B and G "set" but i will close shop (FOR NOW) until financially stable.

anyway dun be too carried away by what others have say. probably is just a "breaking the ice" for the conversation Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
Thanks for sharing! Smile

Hi Alison!
Yes, that's why I just said 'we'll see what happened when Spicy Baby comes along' Tong

Hey Germaine!
Why hubby takut already? Takut to jaga or takut cannot earn enough money to jaga?

Hey Carolyn!
Hmmm... people say that cos they are jealous? Really?

Hey Aries!
Good for you! I think boys are more difficult to care for, hyperactive!!!! And you've got TWO!!!

Hey Miki!
Hmm... hubby got 4 other siblings before him, mine just 1 brother 6 years older than me. I think the difficult part is not being pregnant or giving birth, more to taking care of the kids! Tong


I had 2 kids, a boy and a girl. Then I met the man of my dreams, and now I have an extra 3 girls. Life isn't always how you think it will be.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Sierra!
Thank you for sharing your feedback on this! Have a lovely day ahead!

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