Pregnancy at Week 38...

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 8:39 AM ~

Oh man... Sometimes I got myself confused.... am I in week 37 or week 38 now?!!! Anyway, all I know is I've got 2 more weeks to countdown... that is if Spicy Baby comes right on the date estimated. Latest updates since my previous status updates in pregnancy at month 9 are as follow:

#1: This baby is not so SPICY BABY anymore cos mummy's been snacking on sweet stuff lately!

Other than the occassional spicy food, I've been eating more  sweet stuff... like chocolates, cakes, doughnuts and stuff... yup.. CHOCOLATES definitely! And my latest craze was McDonald's Oreo McFlurry!

I hate sharing this with Ben... really... it's like my preciousssss...

#2: Weight Gain

* Image taken from Google search

This month's weight is 58.8kg. Increase of 1.65kg in 2 weeks time.. Yikes! But really, I'm actually trying my best to cut down on my food intake as the last few weeks of pregnancy is crucial as most of what I eat will go to Spicy Baby and I really don't want her to be weighing more than I could pop her out naturally!

Spicy Baby's weight now is 3kg according to the scan today. Just a day before I delivered Ben, he was also weighing at 3kg but when he was delivered, he weighed at 2.71kg.

#3: Gynae check-ups

During this round of check-up, our usual gynae was suddenly away to perform a C-sect on one of his patients, so I was sent to another specialist (which happened to tell me to take the Tetanus jab that can allow me to give birth in taxi...) Everything was normal, amniotic fluid is sufficient, baby has yet to engage (Ben only engaged 2 hours before he was delivered - that too because my previous gynae broke my water bag), heartbeat and fetal kick counts normal.

I was scheduled for my next check up in 2 weeks (which is 2 days before my EDD). I'm being told that Spicy Baby will come earlier than my EDD so, let's see how it goes...

#4: Breastfeeding during pregnancy

Even though my breastmilk production has stopped since I was in my 5th month of pregnancy, Ben is still dry suckling from me. And nowadays, I take the chance to tell him that baby is coming soon and he will have to learn to share with baby later. Sometimes he ignores me, sometimes he will nod his head, sometimes he will tell me 'teach baby nen-nen?' (aka breastfeed)

* Image taken from Google search

Again, I hope that we can go for tandem nursing when the baby is born and I hope that I could make tandem nursing works!

 #5: My leg cramp is on STANDBY mode!

* Image taken from Google search

I experienced my 1st leg cramp just 2 weeks ago, and one more time on the same spot just a few days back. So, now my right calf is on STANDBY mode to go cramping if I suddenly exert too much energy or make sudden movement. Yikes!

 #6: Some differences NOW compared to previous pregnancy

* Hubby noted some stretch marks on my back. MY BACK!!! Arghhh... 

* No heart burn experienced (yet) - yeay!!!

* No swollen body parts (yet) - yeay!!!

(*** NEW!) #7: Pooping like a dog

Oh well, why I said this? My MIL used to say that our previous dog poops right after eating, and this is what I'm facing now! I could be halfway chowing down my food and then I will feel that I really had to go and clear up that 'tank' of mine (to make space for the food to come I guess hahahaa..) I'm not like this with Ben, and somehow with Spicy Baby this time, I'm practically pooping everyday now...

(*** NEW!) #8: I've Got Nesting Instincts!

* Image taken from Google search

But not on the house... it's more on my blog hahahah... as a mummy blogger, I'm in the midst to revamp my blog header (I don't have the time and energy to revamp the whole blog YET...)

My blog designer (ehem!) has just emailed me his final artwork today (I think it's awesome!) and I'm in the final few stages to touch up the image with him before publishing it live for you guys to drool on. So be patient with me!

(*** NEW!) #9: Other Updates

* We bought a new bed so that we can accomodate Spicy Baby, me, Ben and hubby all in the same place. Co-sleeping all the way, oh yeah!

* We've pretty much got the English name for Spicy Baby already but still have some minor confirmation on her Chinese names due to the different Chinese dialects and all.. argh....


So there you go, updates as at 38 weeks of pregnancy... Pray for my smooth and safe delivery! Have a blessed week and thank you for reading!

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Tracy Poh

She's arriving real soon!

I'm glad that you're still able to enjoy sweet stuffs. I was abstain from any sugar contain food when I was at 38 weeks. Yet, my sugar went up so high which cause me to go thru c-sec. You take care alright...*hugs*

Miki Chua

i'm also told tat mine will be early and it makes me had sleepless nites
for days... zzZZzzZZ.....

hv a Smooth delivery


Wow getting excited aren't we all already? To see this Spicy baby! Good luck and smooth delivery to you!


Soon the baby is out and you will be busy with the baby.  Sleepless night!  All the best! Look forward in welcoming Spicy Baby!


You are so close! I hope you get tons of rest and sleep until Spicy Baby makes his/her debut!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Tracy!
Oh yes, I'm so glad and thankful I don't have problems with sugar and dietary issues during my pregnancy, considering both my parents have diabetes history! Thank you for your support and warm wishes! Smile

Hey Miki!
I think you will be faster than me hahah... whatever mode it is, I also pray for your sooth delivery and hope Jboy will be understanding if you really have to go for C-sect!

Hey Carolyn!
I'm actually not ready yet! Arghhh.... Thank you for your support and warm wishes! Smile

Hi Rose!
Oh yes, definitely going to be busy busy when baby comes along!

Hey Diana!
Thank you for your support and warm wishes! Smile


I'm excited for you! You can actually pop anytime already! I'm also excited to see your new nest. Hope all goes well with the birth.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Germaine!
Thank you thank you, I'm really not ready yet arrrrrrr... as for my new nest aka blog header, I can't wait too!!! (Hmm... come to think of it, it's like I'm more excited with my blog header than Spicy Baby's arrival... probably due to no pain and no worries about what's going to happen during labor! Tong)

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