Life With 2 Kids - Settling Down...

~ Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 10:41 AM ~

It's now day 25 of me being a mummy to 2 kids.

2 kids!!!!

I still can't believe it.... I have 2 kids now!!

Yeah... these 2 are mine alright...

I am still adjusting to the daily activities with 2 kids now...

Ben is into watching Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Bert & Ernie's Great Adventure which hubby dutifully downloaded from the Internet and I'm grateful for these shows as Ben learned a lot (in terms of speech, logic, reasoning, ideas) and he could just sit still in front of the TV and watched these shows over and over again.

As for Alyson, she is such a good baby to care for. Only fusses when she wants to nurse or after she poops. Easy peasy baby. She wasn't at all disturbed by the noise her big brother makes most of the time and even tried to check out the source of the noise midway nursing...

This mini me girl of mine trying to see what her big brother is doing...

And I've started to slowly get back into starting Ben's daily routines (which we always do before Alyson arrives) and one of them is his water pool activities... it needs a bit of an adjustment, especially when Alyson wanted to nurse when Ben is playing in the pool at our balcony.

Nursing Alyson while watching over Ben outside our balcony...

I tried starting Ben back into his potty training exercise but it's still tedious for me at this moment - for example, I can't drop everything at an instant and run to the bathroom with Ben when he wants to pee. So this activity needs to be slowly introduced over time.

As for Ben's other activities such as reading, sticker book activities and using the iPad (whether for book reading or app games playing), we do that whenever we can.

Other than that, there are the occasional events which is pretty tension and frustrating when both Ben and Alyson wants my attention at the same time and I've only got myself to attend to them. It doesn't happen often (thank God!) but when they happened, it's frustrating! So if my hubby is around, at least I get a bit of a helping hand! Phewww...

Well, that's all the updates for now. Life with 2 kids is a new experience for me and I hope to get the hang of it soon!

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That's so nice that Alyson's such an easy baby. Glad to know you're settling down great with being a mom of 2! Smile


Oh,they are so cute! It must be very exhausting for you. At the moment, with one girl, I am already exhausted...


First of all, congratulations to you.  Very cute.  


I always say that stay-at-home moms have the hardest job. I only have the Tater man and he is so much to handle. I can only imagine how hard it will be when we have another. Thankfully Tater is potty trained and really independent. I am hoping this will work to my advantage when/if we get pregnant again.


Dear thanks for encourage me to go for natural birth. Unfortunately, my doc  will not be around during my due date... Somehow, hubby and I decided for C section...

Guess next is my turn d... Working mummy with 2 kiddos ...


Believe it! hehe. I can't believe myself too when it was my time. You seem to be doing just great, my dear.


Yay!!  You are doing great Smile  I remember that "whoa" moment when I realized I had 2 kids - it's quite surreal!!

Looks like Ben is adjusting well into his big brother role - and your little girl is SUCH a cutie!!


You are doing great, Jenny! I wouldn't know what to do if I were in your place. You are one fantastic mom. I hope you continue to do great in this thing we call motherhood and hope to read more of your adventures as SAHM. SmileMay God give you enough strength to be able to care for your two little angels. Did I tell you they look oh-so-adorable? Smile God bless!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Germaine!
Yes, I'm so glad Alyson is easy to care for! Or maybe cos we're more experienced? Tong

Hey Tracy!
Thank you for your compliments! Oh yes, even back when we just had Ben, it's already tiring! I think this stage is still easy since Alyson just sleep, nurse, poop, piss repeat... Tong

Hey Rose!
Thank you, thank you!

Hey Kayla!
Good for you that your boy is already potty trained! That's one hard task off the list!

Hey Angeline!
Oh please, please do consider natural birth if you can! Btw, doctor around or not doesn't matter, he or she is not the one doing the pushing and birthing. My gynae was also not around when I gave birth! Too many C-sects not good leh... especially if you plan to have more kids!

Hey Carolyn!
Thank you, thank you! Now I joined your club of mummy with 2 kids hehehehe...

Hey Aurie!
Ben is slowly adjusting to his big brother role, there are times he wants to torture his lil' sister but there are times he will kiss and touch his lil sister gently. Hmmmm....

Hey Anne!
Thank you! I think when your turn come, you will know and adapt soon!

Miki Chua

Glad to hear you're adjusting.. i'm still struggling..
1st my elder son is whining alot at nite waking his lil bro. (ya the other way round) then the lil bro refuse to nap when the big bro nap which means i can't take my nap. then the lil bro refuse to be put down when he is awake. the big bro can't nap w/o aircorn and the lil can't nap WITH aircorn. *argh* i'm going insane and my head is so pening now.. hahah...

but slowly i think when i catch the timing.. should be OK ;D

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Miki!
Ben is also whining and throwing tantrums lately when it comes to his afternoon nap and bedtime routine. Keep wanting hubby to carry and play with him. (guess he used to it when I was in hospital and the early few days when I got back with baby) Will share with you more via email on this Tong

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