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~ Posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 9:15 AM ~

I love reading books! I remember when I was about 11-12 years old, I used to hang out at my aunt's place after school (with my mum of course) and I'd be rummaging through my cousin's book drawers looking for books to read. Sometimes I even 'booknapped' some of her books back home and read it before secretly and quietly returning them back hehehe...

Of course I love reading printed copies of books but if you consider the environment, then I'm all for softcopy of course (which you can see based on my book reviews which nowadays are mostly done on softcopy versions)!

Anyway, since I still have some amount of US dollars left in my Paypal account, I decided to spend some on books! I'm so happy to be able to purchase the above books (total spent USD45.98 for 6 books).

Although some of them are abit costlier than other book retail sites, and some of the books are used and might not be in brand new condition, but the shipping charges is free (already cost into the books) and at least I know I did some charity at the same time I purchased these books because for every book purchased, Better World Books will donate 1 book to someone in need. Awesome huh? And btw, one of the books I bought came with the author's autograph too! Cool!

I don't earn any commission or anything from recommending you this site, just want to share in case you are a book lover like me. I'm definitely going to buy more books from them (after I finished reading the above books of course!)

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Wah, it's either you are a speed reader or what. With two kids in tow, I can never find the time to read! And don't worry even if you earn any commission for recommending also I won't have any bad impression of you..;)

Planning for another trip to Penang eh? That's good. I hope you found my postings useful for your upcoming trip. LOL. I salute you coz you still want to travel with your baby girl so small. I'm teruk coz I waited until my boy got bigger then only I'm willing to travel. LOL.

Catheryn @ PinkBibs

that is a very thoughtful system they have there by donating one book to one in need when you purchase one.  

I miss reading... as in... reading in peace without a 2 yr old toddler monkeying around me.


What a great cause and thanks for sharing that site. As you know, moi not a book lover but for the sake of charity I might just buy a book from them. I see you got yourself a new Stephen King book ah...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Carolyn!
Before I got children, I am a very fast reader! But now, cannot la... can only read when they both are taking afternoon naps. As for Penang trip, yes, planning but don't know when yet...

Hey Catheryn!
Get an iPad! Then can read at night when your girl is asleep! Tong

Hey Germaine!
Oh yes! I am a Stephen King fan! Got almost all his books heheheh...


Oh how I miss reading!

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

That is an awesome way to donate!! Have fun reading Smile


we love books too..and just spent a lot at the BBW sale recently. Smile


I love reading too but now less books a year. I still prefer books to e-books, but every time I buy a book, felt guilty as to how many trees had they chopped down to produce that one book. Hahahah not sure when I will start reading on-line. The only on-line reading are when reading blogs. Happy reading to you.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Kayla!
Go and get yourself some books then! Smile

Hey Dionna!
Thank you!

Hi Martha!
Cool, another book lover! Smile

Hey Aries!
Yeah, I prefer, ebooks nowadays and yes. I too feel guilty when buying paperback books Frown Luckily the books I'm buying this time are used ones! Tong

Miki Chua


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