Have You Ever Snapped At Other Kids?

~ Posted on Monday, January 30, 2012 at 8:25 AM ~

We were out grocery shopping on weekend and as usual, I'll be pushing Alyson in her stroller (ready to nurse her anytime, anywhere) and my hubby will be pushing Ben in the shopping cart.

This time round, we brought MIL along with us and she tagged along with hubby and Ben while I shopped for other stuff (like diapers, raisins for Ben etc) with Alyson. At one point when Alyson needed her feed, I told hubby I'm going out to nurse Alyson and told him to watch after Ben. And then we realised Ben was with MIL who was somewhere else...

I had to frantically looked for MIL (worried she'll get lost with Ben) while hubby looked at another place. As I was turning into an aisle, I saw a kid (about 10-11 years old) running around and almost knocked into Alyson's stroller.

And that's when I snapped...

In public...

I have not done so - ever...

I just yelled at the kid saying 'DON'T RUN!!!' as he braked and stopped just about 2-3 inches away from touching Alyson's stroller.

And yet, no sorry, nothing. He slowly backed off and walked towards his mother (few feet away) who I overheard telling him in Mandarin not to run.

I was so angry at the kid and his mother. I mean, supermarket area is NOT a place to run around.

Have you ever snapped at other children in public? If yes, what for?

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Oh,I think I can relate to that. Like, the last time I brought Tri to this inflatable jump and bounce playpen, there's this 2 kids (both girls) who are about 1-2 feet away from where Tri is playing. One of the girls wanted to play on this area but the other girl is already there. So she got real fussy and started with her tantrums, much to my surprise, she started pulling the other girl's hair and threatened to bite her. My son was just a feet or two away. I cannot control myself and I shouted "Hey, back off!". I was too worried my son would be her next "tantrum victim" then I called the guys working for that playpen and told them to do their job and watch after the kids. I swear, I can feel the other moms' eyes looking straight at me.

Hey, we're moms. It's normal we are protective of our kids.

Dominique@Dominique's Desk

I've done that many times and am not afraid to do it especially when I feel that my kids are being threatened or have the potential to be "abused" by others.  It was part of my job so I guess I had have "training" at it.

Miki Chua

I didnt exactly snap... but I told myself 1 more time u kick my son I'm gg to scream at u... dunno y he keeps kicking j and push him n lock him outside the clinic. Sum more j was juz 1 plus n he is like 4 or 5

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Anne, Dominique & Miki!
Thanks for sharing your experiences. Makes me feel better as I was kinda feeling bad for snapping in public at children! And yes, guess the kids crossed mama bear!


I have, but it was my nephew and he was *this* close to splashing my new camera with water. Glad that he didn't knock over your little one!!


I dont remember a time when I have snapped at kids but there has been a few times I have snapped at a parent or Mr. Randolph lost it because someone could not control their kid.

Uncle Lee

Hi, ha ha, you not the only one who have snapped. I have seen, witnessed some other women here too snapping.
There will always be mothers who are blind or ignorant about their kids running around gila, even screaming at supermarkets.

Me...I will stare at the kid, the kind that says I'm going to kick your behind if you don't stop it!
Yes, I too have been annoyed at mothers who let their monkeys run around loose!
Oh well....
You just stay easy.
Have a nice day.


Not yet, but I plan on it next play date because she keeps pushing my daughter down.  I am giving her one more chance and unfortunately her mom and I are best friends, but hey she needs to teach that girl to stop pushing my daughter or I am going to teach my daughter to push back....phew got that off my chest.  Last play date she pushed my daughter into a large cabinet and slammed the door on her legs.  Even after I told her to move!


I think I did!  During CNY! In a coffee shop, snapping at my niece actually.  I thought my girl is naughty, my niece is naughtier than her!  Faint!  

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
Your new camera! Yikes, luckily he didn't spoil it! Thanks for sharing!

Hey Kayla!
Snapped at parents? Wow, you're brave! I'm such a timid person to even do that! I'm already feeling bad for snapping at the kids that time but oh well, mama bear has been angered I guess! Tong

Hi Uncle Lee!
Yes, there are playgrounds and fields which they can run around and yet, parents let their kids run in SUPERMARKET! I would love to see them knocking over glass bottles and fragile stuff and have to pay for the damages! Then they will learn!

Hi 1tootiefoodie!
Oh my, I'd be mad if someone pushes my kid into a cabinet and slammed their legs! Yikes! Horror! I hope the girl will behave soon!

Hey Rose!
Oh wow! Own family member hah! What did her parents react then?

Catheryn @ PinkBibs

Hi Jenny,

This is not something new I think.  I have snapped at others' kids before.  Most of the time it was because their action puts Isabelle at risk, specially in playgrounds etc, pushing and playing rough.  I would just tell them that what they did was not nice and wrong.  Of course, if the parents are somewhere near, I would try not to open my mouth and give them a piece of my mind.  

But yes I do feel bad whenever I had to snap.

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