Almost Time For Solids...

~ Posted on Monday, February 6, 2012 at 8:51 AM ~

My girl is 5 months old last Thursday! Time flies so fast! During these 5 memorable months, I have been asked the following questions:

* "How many ounces of formula is she taking?" (My Answer: I don't know, she's still drinking my breastmilk!)

* continuing from above question with frustrated look... "Can't you see how many ounces when you pump out your breastmilk?!" (My Answer: I can't see it cos' I'm breastfeeding her directly!)

* "Oh... so she's solely on your breastmilk huh? (with puzzled unbelieved looks)" (My Answer: Yeah, and not even a single drop of water yet!)

* "You have enough milk for her? Look at you! So thin!" (My Answer: I guess it's enough since her brother is also still taking my breastmilk once a day)

* "Why don't you put on mittens for her?" (My Answer: Why do I need to? Her brother doesn't wear any as well...)

* "Look at her! She's busy chomping on her fingers! You should give her a pacifier!" (My Answer: Err, no thank you. Her brother does not need any pacifier and so does she!)

 Soon it'll be time for her to start solids... I'm starting to feel the same thing I felt when Ben started his solids. Worrying that she will be less interested in my breastmilk when she's on solids etc etc.

I comfort myself by reminding myself that she's growing up and needs more variety in her feeding. And look at Ben,  at 35 months old, he is still on my breastmilk, even though he's down to one feeding a day.

So yes, I am going to look forward to this milestone of hers when the time comes...

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Uncle Lee

Hi Mummy, wow, your baby is 5 months already?
Bet she's really cute too, and you having fun.
You just bring up your baby the best way you know how.
I never did listen to relatives advice.....I use common sense and what my mother taught me. Kow tim. Ha ha.
Best regards,

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi ThaiHoa!
Oh yes, you are right!

Hi Uncle Lee!
Yes, 5 months so fast hor! And you are right, common sense and logic, that's what we do too! If it makes sense, then OK, if you can't explain the reasons to do so, then sorry! Tong

Miki Chua

U hv good experience after started solids. My experience was after starting solids my BM drop tremendously to nearly nothing and my boy wean off himself. He even shy off from my breast! I think this is what u meant about him loosing interest.

Hopefully #2 wont happen. Bravo mama Jen!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Miki!
Thank you, hopefully both our #2 kids also will continue taking our BM la! Smile


Hi Jenny! Wow! Time flies. She's already 5 months old. Seems like not too long ago when you just gave birth to her.

Aiyoh, reading the questions you got from people also make me tension. Feel like slapping them. You handled their questions very well. Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Carolyn!
Oh yes! So fast 5 months already hor! Thanks to Ben, I feel I'm more prepared and calm when answering questions with regards to breastfeeding hahaha...

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