Cutting Down TV Time

~ Posted on Friday, January 4, 2013 at 6:43 AM ~

We used to watch loads of TV. I mean, I used to let my 2 kiddos watch TV a lot. Everytime they have their meals and after 6pm until their bedtime. EVERYDAY. I think it amount to about 7 hours a day.

Until I decided that it is time to cut it down.

Yes, cut down TV time.

I started doing this a week before November 2012 ends and so far, I'm happy to report that I think we have cut down a LOT of TV time since then. There are days when we do not even turn on the TV at all (I know because there are dust collecting on the TV - no kidding)

Of course, I still had to on some rare occasions turn on the TV and let my kiddos watched some of their Disney shows (their latest favorite is Lilo & Stitch) so that I could rush off some paperwork for hubby's business (recent is closing of year end's account).

I do know too much TV time is not good. I do know we cannot use TV to babysit our children. I know that. Which is why I decided to cut it down. Note that I did not say I'm stopping the TV time completely, for now, I am starting it slow, and that is by cutting down the TV time.

To replace TV time, I get myself and my 2 kiddos to spend more time on activities like playing water in our balcony, learning activities (cutting exercises, gluing, coloring, reading, writing for my 46 months old boy and doodling for my 16 months old girl), dough, Lego, watching documentaries and reading books from my iPad, grocery shopping, baking, playing at porch, water plants, anything to get them off the TV.

My 2 kiddos watching National Geographic documentary on Human Body..

I was told that it takes 21 days to change a habit, I think our progress is good so far. I hope that this will continue on!

How about your kids? Are they on TV? A lot or not much? Do share!

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oralia santiago

i love this post i am about to be a mommy and i do not want my baby to sit infront of the tv 24/7, i feel that if i dont let them watch alot of tv in the frist place growing up it wont be so bad for them.

Trish F

Very good for you and your children.  Too much TV is bad especially for the little kids.  There's something about the flicker rate of tvs and brain waves that tend to dumb down someone who watches it.  I commend you on changing your habit.

Fee (Phyllis) Roberts

Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says:

I don't watch TV much at all. The news, the Olympics and the Presidential Election. The rest is just garbage in my opinion. I use to read to my kids everyday, then when they got in school we would read together. Now they are grown and they don't watch much TV either. They read a lot like their Mom =D

Holly Trudeau

I'm trying to cut down on tv timemy son. It's easy just to plop him down on the couch with his shows on so mommy can get stuff done. Before I know it hours have passed and I feel guilty, like I'm letting the tv watch my kid! I've started to limit it to when he's eating breakfast and a little bit before bedtime to calm him down. It's harder in the winter months but I'm going to try my best to stick to it!


I also am tryin to cut down my childs tv time. I kinda slacked off on it but came across your post and now I am going to stick to it this time.

Dana Wales

My kids only get to watch after all there chores and homework are done they have also learned that doing those things half way wil get them no tv time lol

Miki Chua

I do know too tat tv is bad but its the only choice i hv when i need to do hse work... gd for u for the progress

Bashir Ahmed

I am agree with @Trish F

Too much TV is bad especially for the little kids.


its ok to watch especialy if there watching more informative

Three Counties Mum

I decided the same before the summer holidays hit in the UK last year, and I knew I would be tempted to let them watch too much so we did this:

denise smith

i dont let my kids watch tv its not good for them

Huguette English

Huguette English says:

My son does not watch TV much, maybe an hour per day.

Constance King

There are so many better things than TV. I wish time could be brought forward from the days when all we did was play outside fun games like baseball, hide-n-seek. Unfortunately society today isn't the safest place for our kids and grandkids. Breaks my heart.


I feeel strongly that kids should only watch a small amoutn of tv.  It is hard to limit screen time in this day and age, but it is important for those little minds!

Emma H

I also need to cut down on my kids TV time.  It is very hard sometimes when they don't know what to do.  It is easier to turn on the TV then to take time to get them started on something else while I am busy.  We have already started as well and are doing pretty good.


We used to never watch tv at my house, but now we do it all the time. I think we really need to cut back because I want the kids to be active and healthy.

Dana Pugsley

Too much TV is not good as you know. But you can limit your time to choosing only one or two shows that you can watch with your child. That way you can still interact while discussing what is going on. Another fun thing is to exercise on commercials  When one comes on, just jump around, wiggle, shake, and laugh!   But there are many ways to entertain your child without TV and I wish you a lot of luck! Just so glad you do not use TV as a babysitter! UGH!!    Happy New Year to you and your baby!

Theresa Reed

I agree that as an adult I can sometimes watch to much tv. I'm glad you was able to cut down the amount of time you watch tv.


I can count the time we turn on the tv in the year 2012. I guess the time the TV was on can be less than 24 hours last year. Yea I don't want my gal to stick to tv but play anything off the screen!

Tammy S

We don't let the kids have to much TV time during the school week. Maybe one hour or so. we figure between being on the computer for home work and an hour of TV is enough screen time.


Cutting down time for our 2 boys is not as hard as cutting down time on the iPad. There are so many games that they want to play its hard to say no when it keeps them entertained, but we are learning. I have recently downloaded a lot of educational games where they can practice their math and reading skills as well as work on their spanish. There is also the History Channel App that has very education programs on there.


Years ago I had a year of almost no TV - I put it under a table that was covered with a cloth, so to watch TV I had to pull the tv forward and pi n the cloth up.  Lots of work LOL.  So I watched very little TV that year and was amazed how many extra hours I seemed to have in the day!

Denise Taylor-Dennis

This would be a seriously tough thing to do in our house.

Megan D.

My husband and I decided to do the same thing.  We even cut cable completely.  It's tough at first but then you realize there are much better ways you could be spending your time.  We honestly don't miss it at all anymore.

ashima gupta

Thanks for sharing,,btw I don't watch TV Laughing


That's a good progress on changing your kiddos habits. I wonder if we can do that for my daughter who spends a lot of time at our laptop computer.


I think as long as kids have homework,chores done etc... it's no big deal. There are alot of good shows that are kid friendly.

Heather Martin

I never watched much TV on my own. I was reader. In fact my mom made a rule I had to watch an hour of TV a day. So, I never really had the TV on for my daughter much. As a teenager, she watches a lot, but she reads a lot too- and listens to music, plays on the computer, does crafts... It's a question of balance.

bianca roman

I'm trying to cut down on my three year old son's tv time as well. For the most part, it's just background noise to him while he plays or talks with me etc, but at night, he wants me to constantly 'play it again' because he never wants to fall asleep Frown so that's been my biggest obstacle so far!


Less TV more moving around is better in my opinion.


less tv= more quality family time, and in our house more time for spelling words!

Lisa G

My TV is gathering dust. I'm always indirectly waiting for someone to tell me that they discovered a good program to watch on tv - so far, no one has.



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