Who Does The Shitty Job in Your Family?

~ Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 12:05 AM ~

Sorry for the shitty word. Hope I did not scare you away from reading my blog. You may exit now if you are not comfortable in reading topics like this.

Don't worry, though I do have albums of Ben and Alyson's poop pictures (I kid you not!), I will not post it up for the world to see. I'm saving them for the day when they become famous in future and hopefully one of those awkward gross pictures could fetch us millions or gazillions of dollars when I sell them off to some famous tabloids or something! (kidding!)

Anyway, ever since I became a mummy in March 2009, I've been doing most of the shitty jobs - yeah... when I say shitty jobs, I meant cleaning up the crapiola aka shit.

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Of course, I have to credit my dear hubby cos he definitely does his part during my confinement (we did our own DIY confinement where hubby became my confinement lady) but after that, most of the cleaning up job goes to me.

As we have yet to potty train Ben when he wants to poop, the honorary job still goes on... to me! Ben would rather stand and poop in his diapers and when he's done, he'll call out to dearest mummy to clean up his mess.

And of course, with 'IMPORTANT' job like this, I tried few times to delegate it to my hubby. So there are times, I'll tell Ben to ask daddy to clean him up and Ben will go 'Nooooo, I want mummy dooooooooo!' Arghhhhhh!!

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Just the other day, I repeated the same thing, telling him to ask daddy to do and Ben this time goes 'Daddy not powerful!'... oh-kayyy... I got it... it takes a powerful person to do this job!

I feel so honored...

Does your child have a favorite person to clean up their poop?

And have you ever tried passing the job over to your spouse?

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LOL!  I am the cleaning lady too.

Uncle Lee

Hi Mummy, ha ha....love your vocabulary. Hey...nothing like raising eyebrows once awhile.
Glad to read hubby helps out.
As I can't cook, I too help out, vacuum the carpets, wipe, clean the lights, fan, whatever twice a week.
And drive my wife where she wants to go....and wait....and wait and wait, ha ha ha.
Oh well.....can't complain, as I can't cook,
Have a nice day.


Sigh. I'm still in power on this too. But sometimes my son will choose his father out of a sudden. My daughter will always yell out to me after she's done her business on the toilet bowl. Of course, I will also delegate to hubby whenever I can but he'll try as much as he can to avoid it. hahahah.

Dominique@Dominique's Desk

The kids normally look for me but HB will chip in and help out if he is available.

Miki Chua

me too. i do it most of the time..that is bcoz hubby not arnd most of the time. but then thankfully up till now boy still doesn't know how to choose who is more powerful.. haha..

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

Ha! Just yesterday Kieran said, "mama, you are the best wiper." Oh the things I never thought I'd hear...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hahaha thank you all for sharing your feedback! Smile

Cynthia Brooks

Hi, I just won your worldwide cupid giveaway. Thanks Smile
When I saw this I had to comment. I am the designated go to parent for diaper changes. My 2 1/2 yr old usually says "Mama do a diaper change." We have a routine. If its poopy, I open the diaper and scream really fast and pat the diaper back against her skin. This gets her laughing. But I have to say when I was newly pregnant with baby 3, the hubs did about 90 % of the diaper changes and baths for our toddler since I felt ucky with 1st trimester morning sickness and that was such a lifesaver.


I couldn't help but laugh at your title post! Laughing well, hubby and I got a fair share of cleaning up Tri. But most of the time, or whenever I have the chance, I'll clean Tri myself. I don't know...I always wanna make sure my boy is very clean after pooping hehe Smile OC mom, I know.. what a coincidence. We are celebrating Tri's 1 month of totally no diaper. He been doing his thing on the big boy's potty! Smile


Oh, by the way Big sis, I hope you don't mind me linking to your site and post for my current entry:


God Bless!

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