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I came across a Tweet message by the author asking for bloggers to review her upcoming book and as usual, I will first check out what the book is about and then browse around the website and author's info. The first thing that struck me when I landed on her website was:



And seriously... ICE CREAM?!

How can I say no to purple colored things and ice cream?! And look at that adorable and cute little girl? I immediately replied the Tweet message with my interest to review it and to my surprise, the author was prompt and soon enough, the book arrived at my doorstep oozing with cuteness and oh my, oh my.... just read my review for the "Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory and the Ice Cream Castle" book below, OK?

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Title: Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory and the Ice Cream Castle
Author: Sarahjane Funnell (Author), Amie Bilsby (Illustrator)

Publisher: Gibson Publishing (26 Mar 2012)
ISBN-13/-10:  978-0957081130 / 0957081138
Paperback:  32 pages
Dimension:  27.4 x 20.4 x 0.4 cm

Description from the product page:
"Phillipa loves ice cream. She loves ice cream almost as much as she loves her pet cat Little Miss Whiskers. Little Miss Whiskers is her fluffy white cat with a purple collar and bell. She doesn’t like ice cream at all but loves nothing more than to curl up into a ball and fall fast asleep on the end of Phillipa’s bed.

One day Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory and Little Miss Whiskers embark on a deliciously exciting journey. Through a secret tunnel, they enter a magical dreamland where they find the Ice Cream Castle and discover every flavour of ice cream imaginable. The Ice Cream Castle seems like a dream come true but will it be just how Phillipa imagined? With all that ice cream, will she and Little Miss Whiskers ever want to go home? Find out just what happens in this deliciously delightful adventure… "

I'm a full-time mummy

'Fun, fun, fun!' is all I can think of as I flipped through this book! Each page that I turned just got me more excited and anxious to see what's coming up next and boy oh boy, the pictures included in this book is just gorgeous and droolworthy! 

Although Ben is into boyish stuff (robots, trucks, cars, soldiers, ninja those sort) this book manages to capture his attention because of:


He sticks around long enough for me to read the book and we oohs and aahhs over the gorgeous pictures. My girl on the other hand is still too young to understand the storyline but I'll definitely be keeping this book and introduce it to her again later.

The book is not too thick and I love the paper quality and as for the storyline, it is about a girl named Phillipa who loves to eat ice cream and enjoys looking forward to Saturday which is a special treats day where her mum will make her the Knickerbocker Glory ice cream which is made of all different kinds of ice cream and toppings.

One day as Phillipa was having a hard time deciding which colors and flavours to try on her Knickerbocker Glory ice cream, she decided to close her eyes and when she opened her eyes, she was in this magical place with all kinds of colors and flavours and she found herself standing in front of the Ice Cream Castle.

I'll not explain more of this book, you should go get it and find out yourself what happened to Phillipa at the Ice Cream Castle!

In summary, this is an easy to read book with beautiful illustrations that will capture your child's heart (Ok, ok, even mine!)

I'm a full-time mummy

You can get this book from Amazon or at http://www.phillipaknickerbockerglory.com/shop/.

I am so excited to be able to hold this giveaway for my lucky blog followers and readers! TWO of you lucky people are going to win this awesome book! SIGNED! You will absolutely love it! Now, let's read below for the giveaway terms and conditions OK?

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I'm a full-time mummy

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I'm a full-time mummy

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My gals will love the book!!! Me too!!! ^_^

Rachael H.

I love to make milkshakes out of ice cream, milk, flavorings, and toppings!

Helen Wagner

Really nice looking book!  Maybe you can market it to Scholastic! Good Luck!

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