Blog Tips: Getting Products to Review

~ Posted on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 10:03 AM ~

I have received a number of emails and comments from my followers asking how I get to review products and apps so I decided to list down my tips and post it (maybe weekly?) to share my experience and tips. Feel free to drop me an email or comment if you want to find out more or anything else.

Last week, I shared my third tips in getting products to review, which is TWITTER & FACEBOOK! Here goes my fourth tip:


No, I don't mean you need to contact me! What I meant is,


Now what you need to know & do:

  • It is very important to provide a way for people / PR reps / companies to contact you.
  • In this case, if it is difficult to locate your 'Contact Me' link, then chances are high you won't get any opportunities to review anything.
  • I have a lot of review opportunities where the company actually wrote in to ask whether I am interested in reviewing their products.
  • One rule of thumb I believed in is your contact button should be easily visible in your main page and can be located within 10 seconds.

There you go, my 4th blog tips on getting products to review.

Try it yourself and let me know the outcome!

Stay tuned for my next blog tips next week!

** P.S: Please note that it is always better if your blog has good following and good PR rank as these factors help a lot when you request for a product to review.

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Wow, something I don't have easily accessible on my own blog!  Thanks for the tip! Very generous of you!  

chelesa sims

thank you for the tips. I have wondered how to  do reviews for companies .

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